Thursday, July 16, 2009

Views and reviews

It's been a really long time since I watched movies and hated them and this seems as appropriate a time as any to do that. Unfortunately, however, I've rather liked the movies I've watched lately; so I'm going to try and nitpick heavily despite this fact.

'Angels and demons' was released to toned-down expectations the world over and it far exceeded them. Tom Hanks managed to look fit and not as though he's been around since the Pleistocene era, the dialogues were audible unlike in 'The Da Vinci code' and the story was paced well. Despite Ewan MacGregor's annoyingly, ingratiatingly and fakely pious turn as the Camerlengo (either a deputy priest or a deputy camel), you don't quietly slip into a coma while watching this movie. Which you would do if you watched 'Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh : The complete Test Matches collection.'

'Gulaal' turned out to be a surprisingly depressing movie. It's good, no doubt; but its slow devolvement towards a bleak, pessimistic denouement can get you down before you can say "Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai?" Anurag Kashyap is a great director and should make more and more films. But films like Gulaal will have success only in small, niche crowds and my house and I doubt the commercial success from these sources would sustain the artistic endeavours of this highly talented man. There should be a government order of sorts that people should go watch movies like Gulaal, so that people like Kashyap are not forced out of circulation and people like the Chopra clan don't become incredibly successful.

I also watched 'Star trek : The future begins' and 'New York' and 'Doubt' and 'Milk' and 'The Angrez.' Good fun.

I hope everyone's reassured that I'm not dead. Yet.


Parisarapremi said...

neenu innu "kabbaddi" nodilla annodu duranta.

Harish said...

What a fine movie Gulal is!

being purple... said...



No call,no mial, no nothing!


Monkey said...

The hills are alive!

Okay, maybe you are not *that* old.

Nisha said...

you said "fun" about new york aa .. terrible terrible movie .. i watched one movie called kambakht ishq .. basic premise of the movie was that a surgeon (kareena kapoo) accidently leaves a musical watch (which sings mangalam mangalam at hourly intervals) in a stunt director's (akshay kumar)insides when she operates on him. damn intellectual it was. :P