Monday, April 06, 2009


As of Friday, this drivel has been spewed at you for three continuous years. As of Friday, I have received no awards, no appreciation from online communities, no lucrative book deals, no nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize, nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not even that fickle, fleeting mistress called "huge piles of money." Makes me question my belief system(s).

Nevertheless, I shall continue undaunted. So what if you guys don't send me money and other fine things? Should I not acknowledge that lack of generosity with an equal lack of sensitivity on my part? So yeah, this will go on. Suck it. Now, on to more fake news, from the next post. You have been warned.

There'll be less of a gap between posts henceforth. The last month, I've been trying out things like floating in water, running up and down a stage, taking off my shirt in front of 4000 people etc. I'm not doing any of these in the near future, so I'll be more devoted to this unquestioning mistress of mine.


Proseaholics said...

God save the queen.

As you can see, she's living well into her 90's.

So basically, you don't stand a chance.

Su said...

You maker-of-false-promises, you!

Perakath said...

Well congratulations. But you still stay in my 'Sometimes Blogs' Reader folder for the time being!

Perakath said...

This is not a comment.

Anonymous said...

for 'huge piles of money', try
Targeted advertising they call it... im guessing the ads that'll show up on your blog will be those for gult matrimonial sites :)
running up and down a stage, taking off my shirt in front of 4000 people

Princess Fiona said...

sigh...fame, fortune and lust..the undoing of every man! ;)

me thinks u should post pics of u shirtless..hell..if 4000 ppl saw it...i think im entitled too..and i can finally judge for myself as to whether ur as good lookin as u claim to be :)

Cheeku said...

I shall make a promise too. I ll visit your blog every time I'm notified of a new post :)And that..... to the maker-of-false promises!!
Have you considered being a part of PETA ?? I heard they have a shortage of women, cause they've been (kid)napped by Taliban. Maybe PETA could use you instead!

Spunky Monkey said...

Much coolness.

a million different people said...

Little bit cocky you are, no?

It's okay.

Vijaya said...

hey ... bareetiru ... 3 enu ... 30 aadroo.
neen bareelilla andre bejaaradaga naaven ododu?

Thanatos said...

You want one of those "pass it on to another 5 bloggers" type awards?

Arjun Sharma said...

[Monty's Python] The queen is disgusting. She looks like an old wall with paint peeling off. I'd rather hump my own leg.

[being purple] What false promises I made?

[Perakath] Heh, yeah, the frequency has gone down terribly. Sorry about that. I'm 'stabilising' now; will be more regular from now on.

[Perakath] Thank you. Neither is this.

[wanderlust] No no, not streaker. "Mad-ads" anta, we did some silly stuff on our company's "Family Day."

Gult matrimonial sites? NOOOOO!!!!!

[Princess Fiona] I never claimed I was good-looking. I can send you a picture if you want, though. Be warned, I am NOT photogenic.

Lust, I have in plenty. Fame and fortune? Not even a pittance.

Arjun Sharma said...

[Cheeku] I can't imagine myself looking as good in the nude as Ms. Anderson. But if they make me an offer I cannot refuse...

[Spunky Monkey] Thank you. Nimdu-nu much coolness-u.

Irli, itkoli.

[A million different people] Yah, am a little cocky. It's ok, right?

[vijaya] He he, bejaradaga Arun tarjume-gala pustaka odi. Ishtralle ondu book publish maadtarantalla.

[Thanatos] Bring it on, man. Let's see how I feel after 'winning' an award. I'll have to thank people, get a costume to wear, not cry on stage....a million things to do, no time to do them.