Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The last few days

And so it has come to pass that we are in our last week here in these United States of America. I leave next Sunday evening, with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it will be hard to leave behind these friends of mine that I have met over the past three months. People who've come here to study with every intention of coming back, but will probably not. On the other hand, there is the happiness of going back home. To family, most importantly, and friends there. Especially the gentlemen here.

Speaking of whom, it seems that when Papa's away, the kids come out to play and are vigourous and angry. This can be seen in the responses given by my esteemed colleagues, compatriots and comrades-in-arms at Mindry.in to angry, racist comments posted by random strangers, many with numerals in their usernames. The course of events is as follows:-

1. Long months ago, my friends and I sat down in a park and made this video and uploaded it. It commanded a none-too-impressive viewership.

2. Last week, however, it made a surprise entry on the Youtube "Featured videos" list and the viewership increased quite dramatically for this one. It's still in the thousands, but that's a lot for us. We're poor and easily satisfied.

3. Several people, after watching the video, decided they were going to be offended and left angry, caustic, vituperative and even racist comments. This perplexed us a good deal. There was nothing offensive in the thing, and no cause for such a knee-jerk reaction from anyone. More perplexing was a comment about our skin colour from a man who called himself rajjesh27982. Not only does this gentleman have an extra bloody alphabet in his username, he also has numerals tacked on to it.

Along with this frightening specimen of humanity, several others(with usernames like kuttappa321 and DETOP29 -- which actually sounds like a cool band name) left angry, aggressive messages.

4. I responded to these comments in my trademark non-aggressive fashion. Harish said this was wrong and my comments made us seem vicious, violent and vitriolic. Rather than an informed critique of my statements, this was more of an exercise in alliteration.

5. I go away for the weekend and leave the Internet unguarded. Big mistake.

6. Harish responds with unbridled aggression and unprecedented belligerence to newer, more vicious comments.

7. Japanese prime minister Yasuo Fukuda resigns.

While Kamal Haasan may link the first six events with the seventh in his next movie("kay-yoss theory"), I unilaterally condemn these double standards being followed by the venerable Mr. N Kumar. He needs to clean up his act if he wishes to pursue his childhood ambition of being the spokesperson of the Election Commission.

Be that as it may, we are now into our last week here on American soil. This Sunday, we shall head back to our rain-drenched homes. Three months have passed us by in a geological wink. The long weekend that just went by was a nice conclusion to it. I watched a stand-up show in Times Square and, thankfully, it was good.

This is an abrupt ending.


Harish said...

Eneno heLu pedda! Misrepresentation of facts maaDidya. I condemn this on behalf of entire humanity.

P S said...

This is all the fault of the Albanian Catholic priests. We need to throw them out of Jayanagar 3rd Block!!!

But the Kamal Hasan part is just too good.

(In Advani's voice) -
I... condemn... these comments, agreeing with my brother from another mother.....harish!

a million different people said...


Fun! I want to troll there. Have asked as much. Say yes. :(

Welcome back - to Invisible Indicator Vehicles and Amma's food!

Rajjesh's birthday is coming up. Giu him fresent I say!

Vituperative it seems. Gawd.

Anonymous said...

You used both vituperative and 'Be that as it may'. Many congratulations.

Why the hell do you reply to everyone?


Parisarapremi said...

hmm... neevoLLe "spam" comments gellaa reply maadkondu time waste maadkotaa ideerappa... alva?

bengLur ge baa, kelsa kodtini.. nenpide taane?

Anonymous said...

aww...u is going back-aa? I hope u had a good 3months here! And chuck the comments. Most people with numerals in their names are jobless I've heard :D

Arjun Sharma said...

[Harish] You are merely living in denial, my friend.

[p s] He he, Albanian Catholics in 3rd block? When did that happen?

Brother from another mother? Did Atul Kulkarni say this in "Hey Ram" ? Because I've heard it somewhere.

[a million different people] I have given you permission to troll there. Because you asked nicely. And made the sad face.

Present for Rajjesh? I might get him this iPod Nano. Maybe that'll sway him over to our side.

Heh, 'vituperative' is a bit too much? OK, I'll tone it down. "His hideous calumny!" didn't sound very hoi-polloi to me.

[anonymous Sandeep] Thank you. I try.

People have taken the effort to make a statement, be it offensive or otherwise. I should make an effort to reply.

I just have this compulsive need for people to like me. I'm kind of sad that way.

[parisarapremi] Nenapide. Kutoohala-nu ide. Neevantu "BeLadingaLa baale"-nalli Sunil Kumar Desai-ginta suspense iDtirappa, kathe-li.

[snippetsnscribbles] Yes, going back. Finally. Had a nice time here, but it's high time I got back to where the fun and the family are.

Haven't commented on your blog in a while. Will do so in a suitably short period.

Anonymous said...

Houdu. The stand-up comedy show was amazing. Ondu experience-u. I was expecting an Indian joke all along the show and the Bobby Johnson guy did make one. Anthu olle Haasya kanayya.

Vijaya said...

video ge bandid comments odokke onthara chennagittu ... jana heghego yochstaare nodu ... neene vichitra andre ningintha vichitra ... onthara ... sooryange torchu ...
vituperative andre? nin blog nalli kaldhogteeni literal aagi ... english-e baralla ansbidutte.
adenu ... nan tammandu nindu secret kelsa ... nangoo kutoohala.