Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The place:-

A colleague's room.

The situation:-

Very few days and excess alcohol left.

The solution:-

Drink up.

Monday was a day of some innovation on the parts of two software engineers. My colleague, Rishi, had some Old Smuggler whisky left over. I had two cans of Heineken(yes, judge me) in the fridge and he had Sam Adams in his. We consulted a website called for help. Seeing that we had Old Smuggler, Heineken/Sam Adams and some lemons, the site suggested we make Owen's Grandmother's revenge. While this may seem funny, it's actually a heady little cocktail. In fact, calling it a cocktail seems to take away from the essential masculinity of it. It's a potent drink. Then, Rishi had his brainwave and suggested adding salt to the rim of the glass as we drank it. The results were highly satisfying.

Now on to the innovation in food. Over the past two days, we have come up with highly original and satisfying recipes involving highly unhealthy ingredients. Take notes, this might help.

Fajita a la random:-

Take a large number of these things I had never seen before called fajitas. I discovered they're papad wannabes. Crush these pretenders to the poppadum throne mercilessly and mix them with crushed Lay's potato chips(the classic salted will work fine). Chop half an onion(one full, if your onions are small. He he...) lengthwise and add those slender pieces to the crushed mixture. To this amalgam, add salt('to taste,' I will add mysteriously) and chilli powder(not too generously). Mix well. Squeezing a small portion of a lemon to this will not hurt in any way. If you had have shredded carrots, add a bit of those as well.

That's it, one random preparation is done. It goes well any time of the day. But goes down especially well in the mornings. If you know what I mean. Huh? Did I nail that? I did.

Mac and cheese puliyogare:-

Yes, although the name conjures up images of something sticky resulting because of a culinary experiment gone horribly wrong and going against me(making me sound like a sort of kitchen Rotwang), it is actually quite a palatable and filling meal. The preparation is ridiculously easy if you can get a packet of macaroni and cheese. Get that, put it into a vessel/pan/utensil with 6 cups(average tea-cup size) of water. Boil the bloody water and drain it after it emits a copious number of bubbles and some steam. Don't rinse the drained, residual mac and cheese. Add 1/4 cup of milk(yes, you read that right) and 2 or 3 spoons of butter(don't, if you're afraid of the fat) and mix well.

To this, add salt(again, "to taste") and cayenne hot pepper sauce(vinegar will do just as fine). Don't add too much of the sauce, it'll get really sour. If it's not sour enough, you can always add more later. Mix this junk well. Then, when all this is done, take any respectable puliyogare mix(must be a little oily for best results) and mix it with the mess you've prepared earlier. Serve hot. It's an unexpectedly delicious and satisfying meal.

So this is what we've been up to this last week. This, and testing Google Chrome unpaid. As also the leaked new album from Metallica on Youtube. The beginning of the end of the journey is promising.


Anonymous said...

oooooooh! I love the cocktail concoction :D I have some Heineken and Bud at home. Should try this out :-) And also the chips-chillipowder-whatnot melange..sounds awesome with the above concoction, what say? :D
I usually add onions, cilantro, salt and whatnot to congress :D
That reminds me, congress and beer go oh-so-well, u must try it out!

I am not a good "influence" unfortunately :D

Malaveeka said...

He he.

This is when you were soooooo drunk? Awesome.

Malaveeka said...


Vijaya said...

yappaa ... raama ... 'hosa ruchi' pustaka baryo yochane?