Tuesday, September 30, 2008

At the movies

The movies are a magical place where you settle down in a dark hall and lose yourself in the magic unfolding on screen. The movies can also be the hellish, infernal place where you find yourself inextricably entrenched between a fat man who passes wind quietly but powerfully and a bawling infant with a bladder problem, as an awful story is told to you.

Featuring amazingly bad photo-editing skills, I present to you, the magic....of the movies(click on the pictures to enlarge):-


a million different people said...

I like nothing the best.

Also, my lifelong secret dream is to throw kaDlekai shells on the bald man's bald head in front of me and sincerely hope it slides.

Alas, that dream is still in the queue.

Anonymous said...

Badly edited yes, very funny nevertheless.

The Bhatt Monologues was damn funny.


CHEEKU said...

I literally roll on the the floor laughing almost every time I read your posts.. Brilliant..

Arjun Sharma said...

[a million different people] Nothing? Heh, thanks. I thought you'd go for "The illusionist" or "There will be blood."

I hope your dream comes true. I can supply the bald man, if you want. I know one of them.

Did you leave a comment here as "perversestoic" and delete it later for some reason?

[Sandeep] First line of your comment was an attempt at rhyming/rap eno.

[cheeku] I figuratively bow with gratitude every time you leave a comment, man. Thanks.

Joe said...

i'd pick fatwa, but then i'm game for anything that involves picking targets and setting off hordes of locusts on said target. ergo, biased.

not that you care. but freedom of speech is something i'd like to abuse before being asked to leave.

and since im too egoistic to wait for anyone to ask me to leave, i now insist on taking your leave.


Arjun Sharma said...

[Joe] Heh, your egotism is appalling, more so since it trumps mine. But you're welcome. First time I've had a bartender onboard. "Extend the hand of friendship, Mr. McCoy."

Joe said...

awww, im feigning total surprise at the compliment.

you want me to lend you a friendly hand? is that the price of friendship these days? :D

ah well, whats that saying about a bird in one hand being worth two in the bush?

Arjun Sharma said...

[joe] I will ignore all your shy puns and say no, you don't have to beat me off to be my friend.