Thursday, August 21, 2008

India's got talent

The following video was discovered by my colleague yesterday when he was trawling lazily in the muddy waters of Orkut. It could, nay, it should be the video in the Indian version of Rickrolling. The stupid tune is addictive too.

You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Ayyyyoooo !!!
*tries to shut both eyes and ears and runs away*

Aliya said...

bwahaha...I especially liked the photogragh placed in the bushes.

Yes, thank you for wikipedia link.

And shut up! I WORK HARD! Plus, I get up at 5 every morning. I need my sleep! Okay now I go to work.

ಸುಶ್ರುತ ದೊಡ್ಡೇರಿ said...

:D super!

nivedita said...


Vijaya said...

:-D :-D

a million different people said...

He's the hero for your next film. I can totally imagine you hearing people saying "Whatte hit whatte hit!" after the release and then I'll come and burst your bubble and say "No no, they said hoTTe hit not whatte hit."

No, don't hit me. I will stop being so random.

PS: I'd hate it if he was my carrier pigeon by the way. ondu letter koTTre, hOgi koTTva bandva anta irbEku.

PPS: Her photo in the bushes (shrub?) was super funny.

PPPS: I think I'm drunk. :(

Anonymous said...

Uproarious!!! Good Lord!!

Sandeep said...

This is classic. The wooden expressions on the face, the near paraplegic dance moves, the awkward physical contact between the protagonists, brilliant.

This is *exactly* how a movie would turn out if someone forced me or KD to act in one.

The girl I must say was quite hot.

Arjun Sharma said...

[snippetsnscribbles] No no, why run away? It's awesome, isn't it? Art, that's what it is.

[aliya] I really didn't know what the sudden darting into the bushes was about. She yanks him out of there a moment later. I was laughing so hard for that one.

Heh, I didn't say you don't work hard. It's just, 9:50 PM seemed really early. I didn't know you woke up at 5 in the morning.

Question:- why do you wake up at 5 in the morning?
Bonus question:- Are you a farmer?

If yes, we have just the government for you! You can apply for any amount as a loan and within a period of two years, complete waiver is guaranteed! No hidden costs, no late fees, no taxes or surcharges. Just borrow, and never pay back.

The UPA Farmer Loan programme. It's not a loan; it's a gift.

[Sushrut Dodderi] Houdu, sikkapatte super aagide.

[nivedita] I know. That bit is hilarious.

[vijaya] Indeed.

[a million different people] Yes, he can be the hero of all our sketches from now on. We don't even need to write lines for him. He has a video that says it all to prove his mettle.

He he, carrier pigeon joke channagide. Sikkapatte delay, nan maga.

Yes, you sound drunk. Or on the way.

[anonymous] It is. Great piece of work.

[sandeep] He he, yeah, their chemistry is admirable. Even though she clearly detests him getting near her, he makes every effort to paw her.

The girl was hot? To each his own, I guess.

Aliya said...

No Arjun, I'm not a farmer...though I wouldn't mind being in a village. Bombay is getting so crowded and polluted.

Don't ask why I get up at 5 - nevermind! It's temporary-ish.

Oh! I laughed my ass off at "This means y'all have to start washing your own bums."

Oh, if you know any college kids - send them to

Okay bye!

Aliya said...

P.S. Oh I think you should make a Michael Jackson in, you as in Michael. You'll be fabulous. I have a good feeling about this. :)

capt. Ahab said...

i think they were playing hide and seek when he was searching in the bushes. She outsmarted him.
poor guy can't help it, no matter where he sees, he sees her.

Parisarapremi said...

adbhuta.. atyadbhuta... ee reethi chitragaLu ellaaa bhaashe lu innashtu mattashtu baruvanthaagli.. dhanyOsmi... :-)

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

Jeez - this thing's gone viral. Of course, you've seen the sam anderson videos, right?

Malaveeka said...

It's awesome.

Especially when he gets this smug expression in all the close-ups.

Spunky monkey said...

Reminds me of one Gulzar Khan in Kannada films. Now how cool was that guy!
There is one Ambarish video which rhymes ridham with poyum. In the same league that one too.

Arjun Sharma said...

[Aliya] I told a bunch of people about MTV U. Free advertising and all.

However, I condemn the fact that not one college in Bangalore is being visited.

[Aliya] Michael Jackson? Yeah, we'll try that one some time. I'll need to get the "ooh!!"s and the "OW!!"s down right.

But it's a nice idea. Thanks a lot for that. The wheels are in motion.

[capt. ahab] He he, fully grown adults playing hide and seek so poorly? And he sucks even at that? Poor guy.

Yes, maybe she's a ghost and he's haunted by her. Gives one the chills now, doesn't it, when seen from that perspective?

[parisarapremi] Nammallu irbeku, ivre. Swalpa hudkbeku, ashte.

[Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin] Is it really famous now?

Yeah, I've seen the Sam Anderson videos. He's an automobile design genius, musician and enterpreneur. He's also the next De Niro.

Insanely funny, those videos. His dance rivals this man's attempts.

[Malaveeka] Yeah, like he's just created something.

[Spunky Monkey] Yavdu ee video, Ambarish-du? Naan node illa. Pliss to tell.

Indian Home Maker said...

ROTFL Abhishek Bachchan has got competition :)