Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Atlantic City

Long overdue(or undue?) update. In light of recent turbulent events in the life of the nation, such as an incessantly crashing Sensex, the spurt of farmer suicides/shootings in Karnataka and the all-encompassing Trust Vote in Parliament, I was left quite swamped with news updates and reacting to them with my usual slow speed took some time. Due to these things, it is perhaps tasteless to write in detail about something as cheap, trivial, fleeting and pointless as wealth and the gaining of it through spurious means. Therefore, I'll just let you know that I had been to Atlantic City last weekend and, sitting at a roulette table consistently for four hours, won 575 dollars.

Yes, for putting no effort and skill into any task other than hoping, I was rewarded by Him. In this case, He was named David and He was the guy who spun the ball around the roulette wheel and announced the number it landed on. But God works in mysterious ways and I'm happy that giving money easily to rather lazy software engineers is one of them.

And as to what happened to me that I would write those disastrous, dismal posts named "The diary of an unfortunate man," well, I thought it was funny and I was taking a shot at some of these Amway/Quickstar operatives who accosted me here(and from whose clutches I escaped by simply not meeting them). Evidently, I was wrong.


Harish said...

It(The unfortunate series, as someone called it) wasn't funny by any stretch of imagination. Pedda.

Congratulations for winning a hefty sum of money. In these times of soaring inflation, this money can be very handy.

nivedita said...

Hmm, I liked the "unfortunate series". I wonder why nobody else did.

Unknown said...

[harish] Maybe you didn't stretch your imagination far enough?

[nivedita] I liked it too. So did Malaveeka. Maybe I catered to a niche audience there. He he...

Anonymous said...

yappa!! $575 aa??? *jaws dropping*
super cool I say!

tangled said...


What do you mean "wrong"?

a million different people said...

Obviously you realise that most of the $575 is mine? I want Masala Puri in SLV for 3 years and bajji in CTR for 4 years. Thank you. All years to be assumed consecutive.

I found the series funny. A little scary, but funny.

Unknown said...

[snippetsnscribbles] Thank you, thank you very much.

[tangled] I was referring to widespread critical declaim that was bestowed upon the series.

Treat, sure, when I get back.

[a million different people] Heh, all yours? OK, why not?

Bajji in CTR? Reading your English-and-all, I thought you were Sophia's(So-fie-yah's) or Kumaran's(Coomruns) or what-and-all attitude school. You're turning out to be 'local,' just like us. SLV as in Bull Temple road SLV? Those guys are just ok. You should try one Mr. Gangadhar near Jayanagar 7th block Foodworld. Great man. Has rendered more than just yeoman service to mankind. Makes the best damned masala puri I have tasted.

Anonymous said...

Yes, why not? (and all.)

Eh full sarcastic and all. What? I like Goli Bajji in CTR and all. I eat it everyday and all. Okay, almost everyday and all. We are very local and 'cheap' and all, not and all.

Will go eat off (and all is getting tiring now.) as soon as possible and all. Sounds like fun ya.

Yes. NOW, you can judge me. Pfeh.

Anonymous said...

hey, where art thou??! you goes off for too long these days-u...

Malaveeka said...

New post please.

Write about our fake HP movie where we play throughly insignificant muggles.

Also come back.

Aliya Baptista said...

You're a really good writer...I'm putting you up on mtvindia.com today.

Arjun Sharma said...

[a million different people] Eat off. I am feeling full jealousy-and-all.

However, we did make akki rotti and eat, two days back. So the jealousy isn't that great.

'Pfeh' ? Really?

[snippetsnscribbles] Swalpa busy, and an utter lack of things to write about. Adakke sumne kootbittidini.

You're going great guns, I see.

[malaveeka] Heh, that was an insane movie, wasn't it? I'll gather as many details as I remember and put up a post.

I'll be back in September. You have to wait. But your pleas are heartening. Aww.

[aliya] Wow, thanks. I checked to see if you were bluffing. You're not. Thank you very much.

Your blog is invite-only. This is sad. I feel left out.