Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Randomly tagged

In a random display of conceit, I will now answer various self-chosen tags, even though no one has tagged me. This is democracy.

Last movie seen in a theatre:-
Vantage point. This movie sucked. It's stupid. We've all seen 'Rashomon.' They've just raised the number of points of view from six to eight. And Dennis Quaid was dead! Why did they have to dig up his corpse and make it act?

I might have watched some other movie, but this is the last one I remember.

Favourite magazine(s):-
"The Insider's Look at NUclear Missiles(TILNUM)" -- edited by Abdul Kalam.
There should be one.

"Easy cures for fistula" -- edited by U R Anantamurthy.
There should be one.

Favourite fast food place:-
Dr. Gangadhar's. This little cart outside Foodworld in Jayanagar 7th block. Ghati? Yes. Health hazard? Yes. Great taste? Yes. Worth the risk of life and limb? Oh God, definitely.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
'Good, I'm not dead yet. Now what was that dream all about?'

Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in:
Bangalore, Mysore, Hosur(at the end of Hosur road, yes), Madras.

Future child’s name:-

I pass this tag on to:-
No one. No one has to wait for people to tag them. Do it yourself. Or don't, actually.

In continuing speculation that I am a girl, the latest revealed fact that I like "Grey's anatomy" a lot and have been heard humming the theme to myself occasionally has come as a bolstering shot in the arm for members of the speculating faction. That is SO not true!


tangled said...

Which part isn't true, dah?

a million different people said...

I watched Horton last in the theater. Pretty much trauma because this one woman insisted on laughing whenever her eardrum vibrated. What? She was sitting right behind me. It's a wonder I didn't shoot her. Then again, maybe it's not because I didn't have a weapon.

I tag myself all the time. In other peoples' comment boxes. Mucho fun!

Anonymous said...

Olle tags-u..

In other news, I accidentally typed in

Surprised, I was. Conspiracy anthanu helbahudu.

Harish said...

'Self-chosen' tags. Ee idea chennaagide. Idu ondu avant-garde idea andre tappaagutto ilvo gottilla. Aadroo ee ninna praytnakke nanna karatalaamalaka. Thank you, thank you very much Sir.

'Dindigul' anno hesru kooDa chennaagide. Ondu haasya ide. Irli.

Arjun said...

[tangled] Everything here is true.

[a million different people] Her eardrum vibrated?! How'd she do that? You should have shot her, just for good measure.

He he, my friend says 'mucho' is very '90s.

[karthikd] Blogpot? Dopehead posting? It could work.

[harish] Houdu, I have always been slightly ahead of my times. Dindigul is a thriving industrial town in Tamil nadu.