Monday, June 16, 2008


Of course, being Indians, we can't resist going on the mandatory 'sightseeing' tour of a new city we invade. Additionally, we cannot also resist ogling everything(and everybody) and not buying anything(and anybody). We did that today, the nine of us here, with Boston. Poor Boston.

I need to go back there again. Probably by myself. Nine conflicting interests does not for a good tourist experience make. The good gentleman from Boston Helpdesk, Tom SomethingIrish, took us to Faneuil Hall market place. I found two places there I want to go visit:- Ned Devine's Irish Pub and Sam's Cafe at Cheers. Apparently, being in Boston and not visiting an Irish Pub is like...being in Ireland and not visiting and Irish pub? Or something as ghastly as that.

There was a gay pride parade on today. To commemorate this, we did nothing. But the Boston police were marking their territory by pissing on the Bostonian landscape with their cars and towtrucks. Cop-spoor.

Speaking of armed people, we also unnecessarily went on board an old ship. This marine(I'm guessing) took us around on a tour of the ship, which was quite nice. The best part was a 75 millimetre anti-aircraft gun they have on board. They don't have a large, wooden steering wheel, though. That would really have made my day.

Also a lot of churches here. A very religious people seem to occupy the housings and residences of the city. Roads in old Boston are like those in Shivajinagar in Bangalore, or Mambalam in Madras, or NR Mohalla in Mysore, or Hauz Khas in Delhi(I can't give any more city analogies, sorry. I'm out.). But you come out of these largely Italian neighbourhoods and the roads are fine.

So what's my point? Nothing. I'm going to watch the Daily Show online now. Internet's pretty fast here in the hotel and I intend to use it. I cooked rice today, by the way. It was smooth as a baby's cheek, as I said to someone. Also, I called some people who'd asked me to call. What's with asking me to call and not being home? Or being busy for well over twenty minutes?


snippetsnscribbles said...

hehhehehe :-))) so call-gaLa anubhava nu aagtide anni. But remember everyone wants to talk to you cos ur in the USA !!!!

Archana said...

Idde, Idde. Manele idde, except for some time when I had gone to the Indian store. Naane madtini, bidi.

nivedita said...

You did make something out of the 13 conflicting interests in Goa :)

lolpande said...

You write awesome for an engineer, dude. I fan you.

Vijaya said...

I missed going on the whale watch when i was there ... always wanted to ... i really liked Boston.

Arjun Sharma said...

[snippetsnscribbles] :) yeah, I had people call me here, because the payphones refused to cooperate with me. They'd take my coins, emit vague sounds to indicate they were trying, really trying, to dial whatever number I wanted, and then suddenly jump up and bite me with this loud, inexplicable sound and regurgitate all my coins. Ella vidhi.

[archana] Neene maadidde, houdu. I acknowledge this.

[nivedita] Heh, didn't make much of it, you know.

[lolpande] I'm not happy with the sweeping generalisation, but thanks for the other statement, dude.

[vijaya] Some of us here are planning to go watch that. Is it what it says, a watching of whales? Will it make me feel like Ishmael or Captain Ahab?

a million different people said...

Can I also make sweeping generalisations like "You write pretty well for you"? Please okay.

Yes, I know of someone who went on the whale watch and then showed off pictures and all, aadre heading-u "Whale watch without whales". Me putted on iggy(ignore), I say. Too much irony, we don't take from others.

Rice was smooth as a baby's cheek aa? Bad alva? tumba neeraaghoitu. hOgli biDi, nesht time iddE ide.

freak said...

Use the PC-to-phone feature on yahoo messenger, you can call india for 7cents per minute. The voice clarity is not bad.

Arjun said...

[a million different people] Yes, you can also make sweeping generalisations. Whale watch programme has been postponed for now. Innu eneno ide nododakke. Yavdo meen-na en nododu anta bittidivi.

[freak] I'm using the Reliance calling card. 7.4 cents per minute. Voice quality is excellent.

El said...

no harvard? :P

El said...

no harvard? :P

Arjun said...

[el] Harvard is on the agenda. You know anyone there? I could deliver a message. Would be good if you knew a hot girl, or even a reasonably lukewarm girl, there.