Thursday, June 26, 2008

Apple releases iYawn

Apple Inc., the American multi-billion dollar computer, phone and multimediaware giant, today announced the release of its landmark iYawn software. This software will enable users to greet releases of new software and/or devices by rival manufacturers and companies with a stylish, sophisticated yawn. Apple's new wunderkind was unveiled today at a press conference organised today by Steve Ballmer, with Apple chief Steve Jobs in attendance. The unintended release of iYawn happened when Ballmer began extolling the virtues of the new and improved Zune and how it compared to the iPod. Jobs, sitting in the front row, unleashed a mammoth, yet crystal clear and unmuffled, yawn. Media representatives present were surprised at this information leak perpetrated by the very top management of Apple and were quick to grope around for a name for it, before Steve Wozniak, who was also present in what seemed to be a gathering of all the aged druids of the world, came up with the name 'iYawn.' Glad to accept anything beginning with small-letter-i, reviewers were quick to give the new, albeit unproven, software a good 9.5 on 10 rating.

Gadgetwatchers are now waiting for next month's release of Apple's iAnything, a device which will do anything, go anywhere and be available anytime. Late author Douglas Adams was not available for comment.


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very nice

see this: The Fall Of Steve Jobs, from an old 80s Fortune Magazine.

Arjun Sharma said...

[perakath] Welcome. And congrats on Zonuts. It's very cool.

[anonymous] Dude, bad breath. Brush every day.

[nivedita] Nice one. And that Mitch Hedberg quote on your blog is so funny. I think it was on one of his HBO shows.

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HAhaHAha, don't think I can convet online just how much this tickles me, had me loling.

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[el] :) really? Well, thanks for saying that.