Sunday, April 06, 2008

Why I write

No, it's not going to be a boring self-analysis type of post. I'll tell you the reason I've only been writing fake-news kind of stuff lately and nothing personal, with lots of dirt. It's this:- there's nothing to write about.

Seriously, nothing. There have been no exciting goings-on in my humble life. Nothing worth mentioning to the outside world. Unless you count this skit thing I did for our company annual day. Calling it "annual day" makes it sound childish and silly, so I'll call it by its actual name:- Family Day. We had twenty minutes and we made fun of everything. HR, policies, annual gifts, slow motion replays, the Harbhajan-Symonds racism-obnoxious weed controversy, sexually suggestive gurus, cost cutting, malfunctioning coffee/tea/cardamom tea/tomato soup-vending machines, the dance programme which went on just before us, the movie which would play after us, the blocking policy of the company where Sys-Admins block certain 'objectionable' sites(this joke was performed by a Sys-Admin himself), not sending people onsite, complicated working-hours billing tools, evaluation policies. Everything. It sounds quite impossible to fit all that into fifteen-twenty minutes. We did.

And we kicked ass, motherfuckers.

We honestly didn't think we would, since some of the jokes were quite tepid. There were three killer scenes, everyone agreed. But people were laughing and hooting for even some of the sillier ones. Probably touched a chord with them, regarding some of the company's activities and tactics. Or maybe they're just really simple people. Who knows?

In the process, each of us got a t-shirt to wear, for the occasion. It has aeroplanes on it, fighter jets. I don't know what that's supposed to signify. That we're flying high? That we emit powerful jets of gas as we progress? That's not yet clear.

But apart from that, there's been nothing worth telling, really. So, slightly amusing fake news it'll be, for a while. Until election season here starts heating up. Perhaps then, I'll invite the honourable Harish N Kumar to do an analysis with me of what promises to be an unpredictable election for our state assembly. "Ooh, sounds exciting!!" < /sarcasm>

I didn't know what 733t was. I looked it up. Almost wrote a post titled "Youth discovers leetspeak. Uses it annoyingly." where this fellow insists on using 733t5p34k despite not being an avid gamer, much to his friends' annoyance.

"Even fools get to be young once" -- Frank Lucas, 'American gangster'


Harish said...

"Even fools get to be young once" - eshtu artha ide idralli. It's a telling remark about fools, youth and.. maybe even stock markets. If only John Nash were alive today, he would have astutely observed the converse, 'Some young are fools' and would have probably titled it alongwith Frank Lucas's comment as youth-fool equilibrium theory.

Arjun Sharma said...

You have become suddenly, ad perhaps some would say unnecessarily, knowledgeable in the field of economics and game theory. I laud and condemn this, thereby confusing myself.

'Some young are fools' --> this seems like a high-school Venn diagram problem rather than an advanced economics theory.

being purple... said...

Your life is interesting. You mock - flirt online in the wee hours of the morning while being tipsy.

*Also, I wanted to say "wee hours of the morning*

Anonymous said...

oh, adu nanna favorite line movie nalli :-)))

...and may I say that all you guys are like that :-) you cannot blog like we girls do, maybe, about daily stuff. And know wat? When I read your post today about that thing in office, I did not enjoy it at all! I guess you are better off writing your usual stuff :-)))

Arjun said...

[being purple] Yes, I realised that.

[snippetsnscribbles] Heh, yeah, I'll try and make this more interesting or get back to my normal stuff.

Anonymous said...

Olle skits-u. Maadi.

You should write whatever you want. Fake-news or no fake-news, your posts have been funny.

In the end, you are the best judge of what you write.

Ella aa Bhagavantha.

Arjun Sharma said...

[Karthik D] "In the end, you are the best judge of what you write."

Olle tatva, parting shot aagi bittidira. Bidi.