Tuesday, March 11, 2008


"Feeling short? Male improver will make you feel looooooong!"

Got this in the mail today. Apparently, taking some spurious drug will make me feel looooooong. Maybe I'll try that. Or maybe I should feed it to a worm and then set it loose among snakes, just to freak them out.

"Try this , and stimulate even the deepest of her love spots!"

OK what, does this woman resemble a volcanic mountain that she has deep love spots? Or has she been punched in the face so much for being ugly?

You decide.


being purple... said...

Please also be visitng Dr. A. Just in Dellly. " we are making you very happy since 1968. We have the no branches."

I swear that this Ad exists. Right before the train pulls into Nizamuddin Station.

M said...

hehhehehhe!! cudnt stop lafing at this one :-))) sakkat hilarious !!

Arjun Sharma said...

[being purple...] Why have you been noticing these ads? What problems are you having that drives you to look at these? There is also Dr. Malik and his dispensary in Bangalore. Near the Majestic bus stand.

[m] He he, thanks, ri.