Thursday, February 28, 2008

Break the rules

Since cricket is a game heavily in favour of the batsmen rather than the bowlers, I think it's time a few reforms were introduced which should make it more fair, and slightly more interesting as well. Here we go(see? No small talk.):-

1. No batsman shall bat more than 10 overs in total, in an innings. Not more than three batsmen in a team shall bat this number fully, with the rest of the batsmen making up the remaining overs. It is not necessary, however, that any batsman should bat 10 overs.

2. A batsman may be withdrawn from the batting attack by the batting side's captain and another batsman may be introduced in his place, at the end of an over. The so-withdrawn batsman may be brought back into the attack later, however.

3. Should a batsman score more than twelve runs in an over, the bowler gets a free ball. This is where the batsman shall not be allowed to score any runs off the subsequent ball, but the bowler shall have every opportunity to take his wicket. That is, no matter what stroke the batsman plays, he will not get any runs to his credit, but the bowler may get him out in this ball in any legal manner.

4. If a batsman plays a stroke and the ball goes on to hit the wicket at the other end, he is out. Not the non-striker, but he, regardless of whether or not the ball touched the bowler's hand as it rolled down the pitch. This is because the batsman was responsible for the catastrophe.

5. If a batsman steps down the track more than twice in an over, the batting team(the batsman, actually) is docked five runs. By so stepping down, he is reducing the capability of the delivery, limiting the turn and the swing it might have had, thus creating unfair advantage for himself. The stepping down might be deliberate or unwitting; this is immaterial. What matters is whether or not the batsman moved past the crease by more than a new limiting distance.

6. Anything else?


Along came Polly! said...

You have way too much time on your hands. Unlike some people we know who may or may not have too much of other ... 'things'.... in theirs!

Not over the joke yet, as you can see!

Only thing to make it worse is if the concerend person was residing at Little Big Horn.

Sandeep said...

Inside jokes-eno.

Karthik D said...

Olle rules-u. Haage, the bowlers should be allowed one beamer per over.

Arjun Sharma said...

[along came polly] Little BigHorn. Isn't that where Chief Sitting Bull fought the Americans and died?

[Sandeep] Ashtagi jokes alde iddru.

[Karthik] Adu aagle idiyallo, pedda.

Oho, beamer-aa? Hoon, adond baaaki ittu, cricket-nalli. Modle, off the field-u, ellru ellrnu baikondu, hedrskondu bhaya padtidare. Innu deadly, murderous deliveries bere legalize maadbidli.

Intha manehaaLu idea-gaLe neen kododu.


Karthik D said...

"Oho, beamer-aa?" - Olle late realizations-u.

Statistics have shown - Bowlers are more prone to injuries than the Batsmen. Also, Bowlers have a short international career when compared to the Batsmen. Taking all this into consideration its not entirely unfair to include a solitary rib-breaking delivery into the six-ball affair.

Ond-erad mooLe murdre bat itkolodu kalithaare.

Karthik D said...

Talking about the game being favorable to the batsmen, I wonder how they came up with all these pro-batsmen rules. The bowlers must've said "We are squeaky little bitches. We will keep delivering (Houdu. Pun-u) and you keep hitting us out of the ground. And we will turn to this neatly dressed-up guy once in a while and ask 'How-was-that?'. "

Parisarapremi said...

ಆಹಾ, ಇದನ್ನು ಕುಂಬ್ಳೆನೋ, ಶರ್ಮಾನೋ ನೋಡಿದರೆ ಎಷ್ಟು ಖುಷಿ ಆಗುತ್ತೆ!! ಐ.ಸಿ.ಸಿ ಗೆ ಕಳ್ಸ್ರೀ ಇದನ್ನು!

Arjun said...

[Karthik D] He he, houdu, olle lates-u.

Houdu, cycle odsovaga onderd sala biddre-ne kaliyodu anno thara, illu ashte.

[Again, Karthik D] Olle squeaky bitches-u.

Adoo politely enquire from well-dressed guy bere. Swalpa belligerent aagi keldre fine-u. Game sudden aagi heavily tilted towards the umpirtes bere, sayakke.

[Parisarapremi] He he, kalstini. Ondu anche haakidini aagle. Naale-naadiddralli serbidatte. Postmaster swataha helidare nange.