Wednesday, September 19, 2007


An extract from a CNN-IBN page about the Ram sethu issue:-

"Congress clarifies

Does is the reaction of the Congress – the hasty withdrawal of the affidavit (claimed that mythological texts cannot be regarded as “historical record” and they don’t prove the existence of characters mentioned in those texts), now divisions within the Congress, the shamefacedness on part of them – surprising. Is the Congress worried about losing out on Hindu sentiments?"

What the hell does that mean?? It's not even a valid English sentence! Except for the question they ask at the end. If the Congress uses such English, I won't be too surprised if they lose out on all sentiments, not just Hindu ones.

More shining examples here (thanks, Mr Harish N Kumar. Who, of course, does not exist).

Speaking of which, isn't 'Hindu sentiments' some kind of oxymoron in this country?


Harish said...

It does not mean anything. Probably, IBN people also didn't intend to say anything that was meaningful. CNN-IBN - Whatever it takes to fill the space.

By saying that Congress will lose out on all sentiments, you are discounting the sentiments of people comfortable only with SMS-English. Since a large majority of English knowing people are comfortable only with that, they are on a fairly strong wicket.

But, neevu illi IBN's miserable English-ge Congress-na unfairly target maaDidira. This goes against secular principles.

For a man who does not exist, I write fairly significant number of comments on various blogs.

Sandeep said...

Neevu amele Mr N Kumar maatra en active agi discuss madtidira ee issue bagge, ade torsatte.

En na, neevu entha maha mindrigalu antha. Great whores what you are, it signifies.

M said...

heheh! I'm reminded of that illogical dialogue that Amitabh Bachhan says in 'Amar Akbar Anthony'...soemthing to do with haemoglobin and sorts! :D

I'm not surprised by this statement actually. It sounds like the famous adage 'if u cant convince, confuse!'