Monday, July 23, 2007

Potter 7 -- Done

NO SPOILERS AHEAD. I really mean it.

I'm not going to ruin it for you. I'm not like that. Even with movies, if it's a good movie and I know the ending or the suspense or twist and others don't, I will not tell them or say "Ah, this is where the best part happens. You watch, you just wait and watch!!"

I'm so good, I won't even do unto you what I had done unto me. I received information about plotpoints and events while I was still reading the book. Many of these came true as I read on, but the writing is so good I had forgotten about them until they actually happened in the book. And then I went "Oh. Yeah, so this does happen. Wow."

A satisfying end. I felt, to quote Ms Kashyap who finished the book even before me(a mean feat in itself), a Zen-like peace steal over me as the book finished. It's been a great ride for 7 years of my life(and Harry Potter's) and it has been exhilarating. Except for some parts of the fifth book. Come on, except for the duel in the Ministry and Sirius Black's death(which was not all that spectacular. This has come to seem a feature with the books. Black, Harry Potter's parents, Dumbledore, all die tame deaths. I know, in the face of the Dark Lord, who will stand and duel and all that.), I felt the sixth book was way better. But that debate is for other times and other fora.

There are critics and naysayers who will accuse Rowling of copying from the Lord of the Rings and other works of Tolkienlore, the definitive fantasy tomes. Fine, maybe some aspects are 'borrowed' from those books, but surely Rowling's imagination is also staggering. She is perhaps the one successful successor to Tolkien. I haven't read the Narnia books yet, but friends assure me they are quite lame and childish.

Also, some people keep picking at the faults of the series and commenting on how this aspect makes it lame or that aspect makes it hardly believable. Write a fantasy series yourselves, then, idiots. There is no perfect book. Faults may be found even in the Lord of the Rings and Dune. The Potter series cannot surpass the Lord of the Rings in scope and detail("Lineages and histories and maps, oh my!"). But they are very, very imaginative and spellbinding, pardon the pun, and deserve the acclaim and success they are enjoying.

I'm not ashamed to say I enjoyed the books. Some people are, though. They don't think it's cool to say out loud that they've read the Potter series. They loudly declaim the books and keep comparing them to Tolkien's works. Probably because it's been written by a woman. You cannot actually compare the two. Tolkien's works create an entirely new world, while Rowling's stories take place in the contemporary world. Making both kinds of stories readable and credible is extremely difficult(Tolkien's stories, more so, perhaps) and both authors have succeeded, without doubt, in this task.

Now, let's leave it to Hollywood to spoil the books and some other writers to continue the series("I find the character of Argus Filch fascinating and grossly misunderstood. Hence this book, The travails of Argus Filch") and wreck it. Like, I don't know, a spinoff series about the four founders of Hogwarts school, maybe. Or "Travels abroad with Elphias Doge." Who knows?

Thank you, J K Rowling. Salut


Sandeep said...

You have put it right. Although I thought the sixth book sucked more than the fifth, whatever.

The saga has ended well.

Harish said...

Naanu ode ildiro kaaraNa nangenoo heLakke illa. Idannu heLde iddiddroo aagtittu. aadroo heLide.

Malaveeka said...

Lump it, I would say.

Malaveeka said...

I am souless.


Parisarapremi said...

ನೀವೇನ್ರಿ ರೀ....

tangled said...

No, no, no, no, no!

Malaveeka said...

Please. New post.