Saturday, July 21, 2007

Potter 7 -- Do Not Disturb

Just got back from Landmark after buying the 7th book. The cover they gave me to carry it home had "The End" written on it, quite bluntly. And there was a big queue, of course. It baffles me how there was a queue for a book you have pre-ordered. I mean, how long does it take to show them the receipt and take the book home? And then this woman comes along and asks people in the queue "Is this the queue for the book?"

No, we just all really like standing in a queue at 7 in the morning. Stupid.

I am going to read the book now. I have to read fast because my sister will want to start reading it once she gets home from school in the afternoon and I am too mature to not let her and hold on to it and say "Not till I've finished! I'm the first, I'm the first!" So, do not disturb me.

That means you, Sudhir Shet, master of the NEs.


Malaveeka said...

Harry dies and comes back. neville teaches herbology, lupin and tonks die, apart from Fred, Colin, Moody and Dobby. And Harry is Godfather to Lupin's and Tonks' son.

Malaveeka said...

The fake was surprisingly close.

Along came Polly! said...

Potter - mad people!

All of you are Potty!

Harish said...


Arjun Sharma said...

[Malaveeka]You're horrible. I hate you.

[Malaveeka]I didn't read the fake.

[Suhasini]You should read the book. It's good.


The Darkling Thrush said...

i got pissed off that she killed sirius. so i didn't bother about six. now i want to know what the furor is all about.

she ruined it for me too!
and no, you don't hate her.