Monday, July 30, 2007


Three words:- Sivaji -- the Boss.

The total timepass, suspension of belief movie is what they meant movies to be. Entertaining, never letting up in terms of things happening on screen and "style, machi!"

The theme is similar to, yet veering away at times from, the plots of director Shankar's other films. It's not too strong in the areas of believability or plausibility. Where it scores is in the sheer entertainment value it packs in. It's got everything. Romance? Check. Beautiful heroine? Check. Unbelievable(in every sense) stunts? Yup, check. Great comedy? Absolutely! Presence of moustachioed superstar? CHECK!!!!

Rajnikant seems to be trying to position himself as the new MGR, judging by the numerous references to the late, great man. Right from the opening scene(a nod to MGR's "Nadodi mannan") to the name of the bald, vengeance-filled, ultra-suave M G Ravichandran(who flies around in helicopters, does a weird little tapping thing on his bald pate and laughs alarmingly loudly), Rajni pays homage to and markets himself as MGR. The good-intentioned Sivaji tries numerous methods to do good things for society. When all these plans are foiled by the evil ever-veshtied Adiseshan(played well by a bad-toothed Suman. Yes, a man named Suman. His parents were weird Telugu people.), Sivaji hatches an ingenious(actually, no. Just unnecessarily elaborate. And highlighting the usefulness of a knowledge of CPR, defibrillators and an aging, alcoholic cardiac surgeon.) plan and switches to MGR. He goes and rids every village and every town of corruption and makes the land a clean, green paradise. There, corruption, black money and other evils are rooted out by this one man who is the saviour of the poor and the good. QED, Quite Easily Done.

While this has been the theme of practically every movie of Rajni since 'Dalapathi'(and also of every MGR movie back in the '50s, '60s and '70s. Ref:- Nadodi mannan, Rikshakaaran, Nam nadu.), he's managed to make every movie(with the ignominious exception of 'Baba,' where he thought a little too much of himself and made himself some kind of God) bilkul paisa vasool. The man has a flair for comedy that is enviable. And also a moustache that is denser, thicker and altogether creepier than mine(mine conjoins with an intelligent-looking and rather eloquent French beard). Vivek joins forces with Rajni this time around and they make a hilarious pair. Vivek is a genius and he is given ample scope here to demonstrate that. A R Rahman's music is great. The song 'Sahana' is especially beautiful, with Udit-ThisIsHowIPronounceWordsInAnyLanguageSoAcceptMeForWhoIAmAndNotHowISpeak-Narayan and a woman singing it amazingly well.

Rajni also does a nice little rendition of popular songs of MGR, the real Sivaji(Ganesan) and Kamal Haasan. I liked that.

For a more informed and undeniably more hilarious article on the movie, go here. Though the author makes a factual error(Sivaji is a Software Systems Architect and NOT a Systems Software Architect. Virgin loser, get your facts right. Major brownie points, though, for using the word 'avarice.'), he is bang on when it comes to the critical, absolutely pivotal role of Shriya in the movie. She of the adorable face, delectable waist, droolable figure, totally incongruous name('Tamilchchelvi') and admirable dancing skills. Her criticality in the movie is almost diminished by a one-rupee coin which easily outshines, in terms of acting skills or expressiveness, all three Khans, a Jackie Shroff, two Vivek Oberois and half a dozen Hrithik Roshans.

But Shriya looks better in a bikini than the coin and you end up watching her more than it. Which is how it should be because otherwise, you're a sick, coin-loving freak. Go play in dung.

This was the first movie I was watching with my family after seven years. Yes, the last time my father came with us to a movie was in May of 2000, the movie in question being "Alaipayuthe." Being a big fan of Rajni(he even looked a bit like him at the time of marriage.), he really wanted to watch this(though he will deny any such thing, I'm sure). And he liked it a lot. Especially the comedy. I'm glad.

So children, go watch Sivaji. Even if you don't understand Tamil. He says "Cool!" about half a dozen times every minute. That should suffice for all you "oh only English and Hindi movies are cool I don't watch Kannada, Tamil, Telugu" freaks out there.

It's just great fun.

[Addendum]:- The password to unlock his laptop is "Hi buddy, this is Sivaji. Cool." If you don't supply the right password in three attempts, all the data in the laptop is automatically erased by a self-destructive program which uses a sophisticated algorithm. You devise a cooler, pardon the pun, data safety mechanism, go ahead.


Parisarapremi said...

ಓಹ್.. ನಿಜ್ವಾಗ್ಲೂ ಕೂಲಾ??

Harish said...

Antoo noDbiTTe neenu aa movie-na!

Harish said...


Malaveeka said...

I think everyone's dad either looked like Kamal Hassan or Rajni during the time of their marriage.

Awesomeness. You finally watched it.

Only Cheeni Kum left? ;)

Look at the shameless promotion of your fren's post. Full lhau and all.

I loved Alai Payuthe. It was seven years ago? Whoa!

Malaveeka said...

Ugh. The French beard is back?


Arjun Sharma said...

[Parisarapremi]Ashtonden cool illa. But time pass sakkatagi aagatte. Neev nodi, time iddre.

[Harish]Aes, node bitte.

[Malaveeka]Yes, finally watched it. Zen-like peace again.

Ha ha, Cheeni kum, funny. Traitor.

What promotion? And aren't you promoting that Thrush person's 'lhau' now?

Yes, it was seven years ago.

[Malaveeka]I look quite distinguished, you know. Like a man who might know something, but doesn't.

Sandeep said...

Adakke phone ettlillveno. Repeatedly madiddru kooda. Irli, higher purpose serve madtiddri. Maadi.


The password thing was hilarious! Neevu olle cover madidira.

Malaveeka said...

I'm not promoting. I'm borrowing, clever-with-words Arjun.

Aw. You were given up on all quarters for the movie. So sad.

I love Lucy said...

Stumbled upon your blog and am I glad I did!Very entertaining indeed! :)
And the best part is that the comments are also equally hilarious!


Arjun Sharma said...

[Sandeep]Olle purpose-u. Houdu, neevu tala moor sala en phone maadiddri, naan mooroo sala cinema-nalli magnanagidde andru tappagalla. Kshamisi.

And when you had called the day before yesterday, I was driving and couldn't answer. Aamel neev yaako phone-a maadlilla. Idu khandaneeya.

[Malaveeka]Ella onde. Alde iddru.


[Smitha]Thank you! Read your "Aaah Bach!" wine-tasting post. Very nice. I'd personally favour a healthy beer any day.

Margaritas are expensive.

I love Lucy said...

Illi thursday nights "Ladies Night" antha madthaare..pubs alli...everything becomes equivalent to beer,price-wise!!Towards the end of the evening,for some friends,so does the taste!

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)