Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The wart

A trip to Karwar over the weekend resulted in the loss of several hundred rupees for each of us(Arvind, Sandeep, KD and myself) and the rise to fame/notoriety of one wart. Karthik D(KD), who writes about lunches, Douglas Adams books and suchlike here, developed a fine, ugly wart on his face. Specifically, on his upper lip, slightly on the right side of his face. This wart, over the two days, blossomed into one of the best warts we had ever seen, exhibiting free will, intelligence and other characteristics we would never have had the cruelty of accusing KD of possessing.

It may be argued at this point that it wasn't so much a wart as it was a heat boil or a pimple. Who cares?

Our first sight of the wart was at the beginning of the trip, on the night of Friday, the 2nd of March, 2007. It was then a gentle pink colour, showing potential of containing yellow, highly viscous liquid inside. Then, KD showed not too much of an interest in it, being merely content with flashing the occasional smile that accentuated the curves of the wart. Over the next two days, however, he developed a fascination to it. He would touch it, fondle it, caress it. He would stare into the distance absently whilst thusly in intimate physical contact with it. Imagine a man, 22 and suspected to be heterosexual, staring into the distance thoughtfully and rubbing a wart on his upper lip continuously. Yeah.

The wart then turned to blackness of hue for refuge from unwanted attention. This so moved Arvind that he waxed eloquent. He was moved to compose this lyrical, lilting, rhyming couplet in homage to the wart:-

"On KD's face, so resplendent,
there lies a wart, black and ugly."

We all cried in emotion after that. The wart too. KD was curiously unmoved.

Ashte kathe.

Here is a video I made on Devbagh beach in Karwar.

WARNING:- The video is 32 MB in size.

The audio quality is not very good, so you may have to turn up your volume to 'Very high.' Don't worry, there are no foul words used in the video. There is also no obscenity. Seriously. Sandeep is featured in the video while I am the narrator. I think I sound rather like Chaplin in this one. Which may be a delusion, but I like to think that I do.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that video looks smaller than that. I think it's about 3MB. It must be your decimal-blind-spot acting up again.

The video is brilliant (Yeah, I know, I had seen it before).


Karthik D said...

A fine tribute to the wart. "Specifically, on his upper lip, slightly on the left side of his face."
Actually, the wart was on the right side.
Btw, the wart detached itself from its humble abode to lead an independent life.
This happened as soon as we reached Bangalore. Sandeep was witness to it. Lucky chap.

Karthik D said...

I haven't seen the video yet. Youtube is blocked in this company under the category Social Networking.

Sneha Divakar said...

the video is good... olle gulle-kajji kathe baritira!!!

Sandeep said...

Lucky chap ante. It was disgusting.

It was blacker than what it was the previous day. It had developed into a fine, dry, black crud on the top with fresh pus below it. As usual, he was fondling with it, when in the auto back home and the wart dropped off of him, it could not take any more abuse.

In memory of ugliest wart there was:

Sandeep said...

Sandeep said...

Stupid things's not pasting right:

nivedita said...

Since no one has said what should have been said -



Stop going on and on about it!

Karthik D said...

[Arjun] Ollle video kaNayya.
[Sandeep] he he.. Maga. Aa photo nalli naanu ontharaaa sexy aagi kaansalva? Alla... Opkondbidu.

tangled said...

Oh! This is what you were talking about...
Warts it seems. And hugs can be for next time. :)

Arcane Crapper said...

Hmm... I guess he should sing - "Why! When I was a young warthogggg..."

c'est moi said...


*yes yes, I am back*

And, "YUCK" again!