Monday, March 19, 2007

Gavaskar and Woolmer

Gavaskar says things. Bob Woolmer does things. Like dying.

It's very sad. Robert Andrew Woolmer was the coach who guided South Africa to great international success. He was the man who weathered many a storm in the course of this job. He, along with Hansie Cronje, shaped South African cricket, mainly for the better, in their post-apartheid return to international sport. Arvind SV, geek, software engineer and boyfriend, has more to say on this issue:-

It is sad, Woolmer died in a strange land, after becoming unconscious alone in a hotel room. That kind of death is scary. Reminds one of Parveen Babi's death. For three days, no one even knew she was dead. That scares the shit out of me. I mean, people not knowing or caring whether or not you live or are dead? Not a deal I want to subscribe to.

Do you judge your friends? Doesn't it feel good?

But coming back to Woolmer, it's sad that the Wikipedia page about him only contains details about a ball-tampering row and his death. And not about his coaching successes. Someone who knows this stuff should probably update it.

An entry on Wikipedia is more than overdue for both Chi Udayashankar and the genius, Beechi.


Harish said...

Yes, it was sad to know that Woolmer was dead and in conditions that he died. He truly redefined coaching in the cricket world.With the deaths of Woolmer and of Cronje a few years back, an era has certainly come to an end.

Yes, it was disappointing that there is no wiki entry for many many greats from the world of Kannada arts and cinema. Chi Udayshankar(such a genius of a lyricist), BeeChi, P B Srinivos, Master Hirannayya, Narasimha Raju(about his though there is only this.
We should do something about this.

Sandeep said...

What the hell kind of a tribute is that??

And why the hell is Gavaskar in the title of the entry??

And apparently, there was blood and vomit in his hotel room.

And yes, it feels awesome to judge your friends.

Arjun Sharma said...

[Harish]We need to get more information to do anything. Do you know where we can? We need to go and ask the people who knew them; otherwise it'll be difficult.

[Sandeep]Who's paying tributes? I'm just mentioning.

Eppadi, chamak title, yes?

Where did the blood come from? He emit that too?

Thank you for sharing my sentiments about the judgement.

nivedita said...

Very shocking when people just die like that. Like Bob Woolmer. And Anna Nicole Smith.

Could you add your blog to technorati please?

The 'B' part of my ipod playlist is very nice.

Breathing Soul
Bridge over Troubled water
Bring it on Home
Bring me to Life
Burning Man
[and so on..]

c'est moi said...


I want to blog too.

I miss blog.

Seems I can no longer...

Malaveeka said...

In Bridget Jones' diary, her greatest fear (otherthan celulite and emotional fuckwits) is being half eaten by alsations and being discovered 3 weeks later.

Which is also my biggest fear. Lack of dignity of death. Guaranteed right by the Constitution.

Doesn't eveyone judge everyone? Between friends even more so?

I like to judge. It makes me happy.

Malaveeka said...

Btw Arvind.. geek blah boyfriend?

Nim boyfriend-a?

Please make the situation more clear.


I don't know. Really.

Arjun Sharma said...

[Nivedita]Add maadtini. Yaake anta swalpa helu.

Your XML plugin, how do I know it's working? I added the script to that directory and restarted Firefox; there's no visible change. Pardon me if I sound stupid.

Bring me to life....Evanescence? Or is that 'Bring me back to life'?

[c'est moi]Why not? Just takes about five minutes. Do eet.

[Malaveeka]Judging makes you happy? That makes three of us(including Mr Sandeep). I think these other people just won't admit it. They also like very much.

Not mine(though I know he secretly wishes it were so.). Why do people get these doubts about me? Is it something about me? The way I look/talk/walk/urinate?

The Darkling Thrush said...

people overrate death.
posthumous recognition is one of those signs.

imagine someone's life being celebrated after they died. methinks it renders their whole life invalid. something like putting into one storybook and getting over with it.

of course we judge. and friendships are made of inequalities, and whether you like it or not, is always a power relationship. and that's where the best part of friendship comes in - the fact that you celebrate these inequalities and differences. imagine loving yourself. yourself prototype. urk. (you'd like that, no? hehehe! gotthu. kaLLa.)

Anonymous said...

Idiot. Why, me?


Arjun Sharma said...

[darkling thrush]People overrate death? You scare me with these statements.

[Arvind]No, you really liked South Africa, right? Just mentioned your name, that's all. I didn't know anyone else who was that passionate about South Africa.

nivedita said...


Is there a song called 'Bring me back to life' by someone?