Saturday, November 18, 2006

Old people and young people

Old people continue to amaze me. Today, while I was driving back home, an old lady fell off while trying to board an auto. While that may seem funny if you picture it, it..well, isn't. Poor lady, she fell rather hard onto the footpath and lay still for a few moments. Worried, some of us rushed over to her to see what we could do. The autodriver was quickly out of his seat, rushing to her aid. He tried to get her up to standing position by pulling her up gently by her arm. Meanwhile, this other woman, who couldn't speak, started yelling at me to help the venerable lady. The autodriver already had the old lady by both her arms. What was I to do, yank her up by the head? I indicated this the best I could to this other woman, who then seemed to understand and nodded that she understood.

But the old lady's actions merit mention. As the driver tried to help her up, she asked him to let go of her arm. She said she would get up herself. The driver insisted on lending a hand, but she was adamant. "No, no, I will only get up. You can't help me. Very odd position. I only have to get up. Please, leave my hand. I can get up, I will"(all said in Kannada). The autodriver finally let go, realizing this lady would probably kill him if he didn't. It took the old lady a little time and what must have been Herculean effort, but she finally got up. She stood up, dusted off the portions of her sari that had been soiled by the fall and sat in the auto. "Nothing. It's all right now. Let's go."

I don't know, what do I say? Bravo, perhaps?

The younger people are becoming upstarts. My cousin, five years younger than me, said I wear clothes in very odd combinations(Arvind said she forgot another 'very' here. Whatever.). She said my clothes are individually all right("In fact, some of your t-shirts are quite loose and nice."), but I wear them in horrible combinations. I hinted that I didn't give a damn.
"You should! You should look smart."
"To what end?"
"There's no end! It's an end by itself. There's nothing wrong in it, is there?"

"So," she suggests, "take a girl with you next time you go buy clothes."
"I will, metaphorically speaking, get in touch with my feminine side and do it myself."
"OK, OK, I will."
"Seriously. Call me or one of your friends."
"All right, mother."

Another little(literally) thing forbids me from writing about something that happened today. Which, unfortunately, I have agreed to


c'est moi said...

I was home for three days... I went shopping. It wasnt nice without him.

Anonymous said...

"The younger people are becoming upstarts"- En ningen 80 varsha aagidya?

tharunya said...

Are we all supposed to fall over ourselves in curiosity for that last tidbit?

Arjun Sharma said...

[Suhasini]Is it? Sad. You should have dropped me a line...he he.

[Harish]I could be 80.

[Tharunya]He he, no. I mean, your call. But without permission, nothing can be said.

nivedita said...

So you started taking permission before putting something here. Good.

Arjun Sharma said...

En good-o, eno. Even on my blog, my freedom of speech is being curtailed.

Anonymous said...

Arjun, has this curtailment of speech got anything to do with NDA rule? Alla keLde. Aa NDA kaaladalli kelavrige batte choose maaDakkoo freedom irlilvante. adakke.

Harish said...

Something is wrong with Blogger. I had posted the previous comment as Harish, not as anonymous. Suddenly today it says 'anonymous said', instead of 'harish said' which was what it was yesterday. See, mere mention of the acronym NDA brings so much of trouble. No wonder then that people faced lots of problems in their 'communal' regime.