Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ode to a skylark

O black-as-dawn and clever-as-death,
O silken plumage, stinking breath,
O hatch-your-young-and-set-them-free,
O mighty crow, I bow to thee.

When man was naught but doddering tot,
and earth was a flaming, marshy spot,
you soared mightily into the sky,
with wind in wings and glint in eye.

Ere rooster crowed and the forest rang
with the song that the white nightingale sang,
your tenebrous dirge and curdling caws
made monkeys die by tigers' claws.

But Nature willed that you be so.
She also willed that your tribe grow
incessantly. So flap away,
my friendly crow, enjoy your day.

For, sans you, life would be so dull.
As, in a storm of joy, a lull.
So wave your stately wings and fly.
O fly and fly and kiss the sky.

Because, frankly, who around here has seen a skylark?


Harish said...

"Kaaka Stuti" athava "Kaaka Shlaaghana" annabahuda?

Maga, "Kaaka Shlaaghana"(mahapraaNa Gha) ondu tara chennaagi keLutte alva?

tharunya said...


Anonymous said...

Kaaka ahvyate kaakaan, yaachako na tu yaachakaan,
Kaaka yachayormadhye, varam kaako natu yaachakan.


K-Man said...

O Great writer with such large brain,
O Great wielder of the literary vein,
O Great writer about birds and such,
I am liking your poem very much.

F**k the skylark, you get your Word's Worth... :)

Arjun Sharma said...

[Harish]Houdu, "kaaka shlaghana" sakkatagide.

[Tharunya] Thank you, thank you. *bowing*

[Sandeep]Errata:- "Kaaka yachayormadhye, varam kaako nau yaachakaha."

[K-man]Thanks, man! You're my buddy, man! Come on, man!

c'est moi said...

@all-those-who-wondered-where-I-was: It would've been rather un-pc to ask for a translation on a post dedicated to celebrate the language... Besides, somehow, blogging has lost its effectiveness for me...

Arjun Sharma said...

[Suhasini]Aww, why?

swaroop said...

Amazing! Sik sikkapatte, huchhapatte Talent ittidya maga.

Anonymous said...



Arjun Sharma said...

He he, naanu adanne helona antidde.

Anonymous said...

Yappa. Idenadru allegorical agidre, kaage Himesh Reshammiya aggtidda. Allegory alldeidru, Himesh Reshammiya kaagene!

*Grins the Ford Prefect grin at the sambanda ildeiro comment*

- Pavan