Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hands up

"Nin kai olle, hudgira kai thara, smooth and silky aagella ide." (pause) "Neen bidappa, metrosexual man-u."

("Your hands are like girls' hands, smooth and silky and all....you're a metrosexual only.")

This person said that. Her brother soon added, "Houdu, you use Johnson's baby shampoo, I hear."

Needless to say, I am greatly affronted! O unwarranted mockery of flailing agents of flaming death! O derogation of deadly destroyers and Doomsday's demigods! O contumely against the craftslimbs of culture and hoarders of Herculean strength! OK.

These hands have withstood the blows of the hammer of the vicissitudes of fate on the anvil of time. These hands have fashioned items made of sheet metal that would have made an experienced carpenter weep with emotion. These hands have welded together two pieces of stone that were otherwise perfectly content where they were. They have hammered into submission lumps of dough for want of a better pastime on a hot summer afternoon, many years ago. They have weathered hundreds of tests and a great number of exams. They have earned me my degree and my job. They continue to earn me DVD money. Many a valve-tube have they changed, many a bicycle chain have they fixed. And they have done other things which I am not proud of and shall not go into here for reasons of privacy and decency.

And now they are called metrosexual hands? In effect, girls' hands??? Never!

I remember this conversation from 'The quick and the dead.' Gene Hackman says to
Leonardo DiCaprio, "You got smooth hands, kid. Not for gunfighting. Farmers' hands." DiCaprio pulls his hands away and says "I ain't got no farmer's hands."

Well I ain't got no feminine hands. Them's rough and tough. Y'all got that?

All this because I went to wish someone a happy journey. Ella vidhiya aata(All Fate's games).


tangled said...

Your life is such entertainment.

Su said...

Soft hands feel much, much nicer than rough, calloused ones... But then again, the most comforting ones have such hard callouses... *wipes away a solitary tear, wishing he's come back soon*

Harish said...

Paapa neenu mattu aa ninna kaigaLu.

Arjun Sharma said...

[Tharunya]Why, thank you!

[Suhasini]Aww, hang in there!

[Harish]Alve? Nanna kai bagge maatadbeda haagella! Beestini ninge.

Anonymous said...

I have masculine hands. I do 3 pull-ups a day. I have 2 blisters on each hand to prove this.



Arjun Sharma said...

[Sandeep]Aadru en use-u?

Pushuka said...

Dude!! Total empathy on the subject of smooth hands. Some guys' hands are just follically challenged... I've unsuccessfully tried to explain that to my friends all my life... -sigh-

Arjun Sharma said...

I don't have folically challenged hands. Apparently, my palm is just smooth, without callouses or any kind of roughness. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

having girly hands isn't bad, it means their more capable