Saturday, October 14, 2006


I watched 'Viruddh' on DD1 today. Again. Yappa, Amitabh Bacchan is astounding in it! He keeps playing these 'cool-and-with-it' types or wise, old patriarchs so much that, when a good role with enough opportunity for him to act, really act, comes along, he shines and sparkles and almost gives it his life.

In 'Viruddh,' his son, John Abraham, gets killed in an encounter outside a pub. The person mainly responsible for this tries to escape from the blame by framing John Abraham in a drug-peddling case. The film is about parents, Amitabh Bacchan and Sharmila Tagore, dealing with their beloved son's death and their struggle to get his name cleared in the drug-peddling matter.

There are two stand-out scenes, for me, in this movie:-
1. In a park, Amitabh is sitting near a girl selling flowers or suchlike. A little away from them, a group of people are laughing like mad, presumable members of a laughter club. Amitabh looks at them and starts yelling just like them, raising his hands as they do; but he is laughing a bitter laugh and breaks down uncontrollably.

He is so good in this scene that you can't help but break down yourself. Brilliant! Man!!

2. I want to say "Spoiler alert" but I figure you've already watched it or you won't go watch it anyway, so hell with it.

Amitabh Bacchan decides to kill the man responsible for his son's death. For this purpose, he goes to Sanjay Dutt, who owns a garage beside their house, and asks him for a gun. Sanjay Dutt absolutely refuses to give him on, but Amitabh begs, pleads. Then he folds his hands and even falls to Sanjay Dutt's feet. A desperate man in an extremely pathetic condition. All this happens without dialogue, with just amazing(surprisingly, for Anu Malik) background music. The effect is stunning.

For me, Kamal Haasan will always be the greatest actor ever. No one(but no one!) can do what he can. Man's done it all. He's also made the greatest film ever.

But Amitabh Bacchan with performances like this(the chances of which, sadly for him and us, are low nowadays, with nonsense like KANK being churned out) proves he is also one of the greatest actors we have. Seriously, he is mindblowing in this. Go watch it, even if you(yes, you) don't watch Hindi movies at all.

Before 'Viruddh,' Amitabh Bacchan was just a great actor. With it, he is a genius.


tharunya said...

I (luckily) saw the word "spoiler" and hence didn't read the post at all!

In no particular order:
a. Thank you for stopping by, your compliments fixed my five a.m. gloom.
b. I felt them in my bones. That's how I write them all :)
c. Kate Rusby. She's my new big thing.
d. Tamilian?
e. That was supposed to have been the "hidden blog". You are only the third person to find it. Who acknowledged it, anyhow.
f. Is there some better way to conduct these things?

Arvind said...

What do you mean, "(yes you!)"?


tharunya said...
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Harish said...

"He's also made the greatest film ever."
Idu Kamalji avara yaava film anta dayavittu heLi.

Harish said...

Yes Arvind, you should watch the few good Hindi movies that are there. There are not too many, but you should not miss them.

Malaveeka said...

AB was so ordinaty in this movie. I think that's what made him fab.

Love Kamal Hassan too! He rawks baby! he he!

swaroop said...

Same time, same day, different place, I watched this movie. Nice one.
But, why is he(the poor tall thing) always dressed in a sweater?

Canary said...

havent seen that movie but ur post makes me want to look for the dvd now :)

Arjun Sharma said...

[Tharunya]Why gloom at dawnbloom? Say "Ulalume! Ulalume!"

Oh, in bones vunly you are feeling. Accha, accha!

Kate Rusby? Dunno.

Not A Tamilian. I know one, though. That do? :)
No, actually, I know Tamil. Tamizh, sorry.

And language is no barrier to being a Kamal Haasan fan/devotee, as my friend Harish here has recently proved.

Hidden or no, it was found and enjoyed.

[Arvind]Yes, you! Neene, ninnanne.

[Harish]That film would be 'Anbe sivam.'

[Malaveeka]Yes please!! Kamal Haasan is rawking! He is God, God is him. Enu difference-a illa.

Very true, Amitabh was particularly impressive because he was convincingly ordinary and weak. The aged gait, the attire, great.

[Swaroop a.k.a Subba]Gottillappa. ChaLi aagtitteno, shooting maadovaga.

[Canary] Oh you should, you should!

Nikhil said...

What about Nerolac Paints, Airtel, Western Union money transfer et al?
To me that was where the movie stood out.

Never before had we watched such a wonderful comedy.

Malaveeka said...

Yeah.. the sweaters were too ugly.

Malaveeka said...

"nonsense like KANK being churned out"


Pushuka said...

I was seeing the movie on DD1 too but stopped at the point where John leaves for the club for I knew what was coming next... but somday, I hope to work up enough courage to watch the entire movie..

Arjun Sharma said...
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Arjun Sharma said...

[Nikhil]Nimmajji, elladru sigu, nodkotini ninnanna. A little product placement never hurt anyone. 'Yaadein' was sick, in that respect. This was quite ok.

Big picture nodo, moorkha!

[Malaveeka]I never said KANK was amazing, ok?! I just...ah what's the use?

The movie is baaaad.

[Mr Pushkar]Watch it for Amitabh Bacchan, ashte. Without him, I don't suppose the movie would have been good.

c'est moi said...

mmm... I refrain from comment on AB, seeing what a presence he is in your life. But more on the comment on my post, yes... its... haunting... it was written because the author-ess is... haunted by her own ghosts...

And thank you. *pretty curtesy*

Please do drop by @ and tell me what strikes you the most about the latest post...

*crap! did that just rhyme??*

Arjun Sharma said...

Eh, he's not a 'presence in my life' or a 'spectre in my dreams' or anything! I just thought he was fantastic in this movie, that's all.

Pah, you say something and everyone preys on you!

Yes, that did rhyme.