Friday, October 20, 2006


This is an easy way to get lazy people to write something, I guess. Tag them. I blame you.

Here we go. Six great things to do in Bangalore.

1. Go to Malleshwaram. I'm serious. It's vintage Bangalore and if you have a whole day to spare(waste?), just go there and walk all the way from 1st cross to 18th cross. Go all over the place. Sampige road, Margosa road, Halli Mane(it's not that great, but it'll do), the works. Go to my cousin's house in 13th cross.

2. Stand near the escalators in the Forum. This forms a crucial part of the day in engineering students' lives. Just 'lounging.'

3. Second-hand book stores on Church street. Onn full day yuvaar spending here, you are lihiiiihiking it!

4. National market. Go. Buy. Watch.

5. Masala dosa and coffee in MTR and not Vidyarthi bhavan(snooty bastard waiters) and chat in the gaadi of one Mr Venkatesh, in front of Foodworld, Jayanagar 7th block.

6. Gawk.

Why six things?

I have to tag someone? All right, Operation Extreme Childishness begins. Er, in alphabetical order, Harish, KD, Karthik, Nivedita, Swaroop and Tharunya. Enadru maadkoli!


tharunya said...

Taggeded I is! Thanks ya :)

Blogrolling rocks.

c'est moi said...

Please please please... *desperate* can we please not have Kannad withour translation??? I dont speak any at all! *small, stifled sob*

Harish said...

"You tag me. I write exactly six things that I can do in the place Bangalore". Is this how this tagging works? Enoppa! Anway thanks for the 'tag'.

Malaveeka said...


not kannad!


Arjun Sharma said...

['Su']'Enadru maadkoli' --> 'Do whatever'

[Tharunya]He he, aww, you derive great pleasure from the smallest things, dontcha?

[Harish]Yes, that would seem the most logical explanation for it.

[Malaveeka]'Kannad' ante! Nin friend-ge swalpa paatha maadu. Olle kathe aaytu.
This must make her happy, this flow of 'Kannad.'

swaroop said...

Fifth one ya! I like eeechh!

nivedita said...

Aww, you tagged me

Arjun Sharma said...


[Nivedita]He he, yes I did.

c'est moi said...

P.S. About that post on the other blog, what , *ahem*, did you like?

c'est moi said...

@Arjun: 'bout Mals, I will refrain from commenting therein. SO here it is. I am not sulking. Just walking away. Its simple, really. if I cant fight it, I surrender and the loser leaves the field...
As for "heeding" Mr. arcane crapper, I would if I understood the language he chooses to communicate in. Remember, I am Kannada illitrate.

And as for the original choice, I know mine. I will make it when I am asked to. And I am sorry but I refuse to burn bras. Sexy lingerie is quite an ego-booster! And I do have the vote and can out-whistle any man worth his salt. As for the biological aspect, I stand by my choice (of thought and words used).

@Anonymous: Life sucks. In-laws suck. "extended family syndrome" sucks. But I guess I'm lucky enough to not have to deal with such a "syndrome".

*I know it pointless to comment on Anon here but like I said, policy decision, so please dont mind use of extra comment space here*

tharunya said...

This tag made me realize just how boring I am.

Arjun Sharma said...

[Tharunya]You asked for it. You wanted to be tagged(which sounds really underhand, excuse the pun).

[Suhasini]OK, you didn't comment there, so you commented here....this isn't an invisible webpage, you know.

About your choice, you are not "one of those" militant feminists, you're saying. That's cool. Choice cannot..ok, should not be forced upon anyone. I particularly dislike the line of thinking which equates staying-at-home-and-maybe-looking-after-the-kids to doing-nothing. Didn't Agatha Christie, Richmal Crompton(genius!!!) and Enid Blyton have great careers? Doesn't J K Rowling? Women who choose to stay at home are not 'conservative' or 'oppressed.'

Fine, this'll get me labelled 'chauvinist.' I don't care. I'm not.

I did not, however, get the analogy with the burning of the bras.

Comment space? I'm not hosting this page, so no problem.

c'est moi said...

@arjun: Thank you for the hospitality. And thank you for understanding. I agree. EB, AC, RC and so many more.... And my man is NOT a chauvinist *thinks*.... no, not. He wants me happy. I am happy multi-tasking between doing the laundry and writing my doctoral thesis. That does not make me any less of an "independent woman" or him any more of a "mcp".

And as for independence and trust, if I cant trust him with my existence, why am I with him...

Let's end this naff matter here. Enough said.

Arjun Sharma said...

Yes please.

You didn't explain the analogy/simile/whatever.

Anonymous said...

We are wasting time here.

Like I said, filter coffee.


Arjun Sharma said...

You are correct.