Friday, October 13, 2006

The most hateful things

Gremlins and goblins and black, fluffy rabbits.
Dark spots on windows and old men in habits.
Tattoes on fat thighs and ugly nose rings.
These are a few of the most hateful things.

Green-coloured wall-paints and answer-sheet tags.
Coffee sans sugar and smelly, old hags.
Rain which's like pissing and the feeling it brings.
These are a few of the most hateful things.

Movies with kids who talk more than they should.
The practice of people of shitting on wood.
Despots with falsettoes, glass which goes 'cling'.
These are a few of the most hateful things.

When a car honks,
when a guy spits,
when it feels like life's a curse,
I simply remember these horrible things
and then I feel much worse.

Pens which don't write and tyres which go flat.
Commentless code and toilets fit for a rat.
Cats getting run-over by careless Mings.
These are a few of the most hateful things....


tharunya said...

"Rain which's like pissing"?
Oh, do elaborate. Unless you're in a good mood...

Guru said...

Dear Sir,
Regarding this poem, I felt that it has missed out an important thing. And that is Rajdeep and Yogendra doing an opinion poll analysis.
Nevertheless, the poem was good.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

Thought a Vogan in the making. Turned out it was good. :p
- Pavan

Malaveeka said...

Very Sound of Music.

Can imagine angst people dressed in curtains/blinds doing that thing they do.


Malaveeka said...

But yeah.. all true

esp.. "Tattoes on fat thighs and ugly nose rings"


"Movies with kids who talk more than they should"

kilap, kilap... Capt.

Arjun Sharma said...

[Tharunya]You know, when the rain pours slowly, incessantly and steadily. This usually happens when you just miss the bus home, when your vehicle inexplicably sputters to a stop or when you have a flat tyre. And it is then that man(woman, too) experiences the greatest urge to kill, to annihilate. He/She renounces everything:- love, hope, God.

OK fine, I just get really irritated when that not-slight-not-heavy rain pours down on me like the Gods are angry and peeing on me.

Read you. How did you write "in heat" and "copywrite"?? Too good! I hereby offer you my envy. Which is not a metaphor in any way.

[Guru]Rajdeep and Yogendra are not seen too frequently nowadays, on TV. Which is a good thing.

[Pavan]Ah, you noticed a Jeltzian motif, if you will, in the ramblings, did you?? He he...

[Malaveeka]Very Julie, very truly. Thu, I'm sorry for having said this.

Angst people dressed in curtains/blinds-a? He he, I just thought of a friend of mine doing that! Freakish image.

What's most irritating about kids who talk too much is the "love advice" they give and snide allusions to the sexual act which they make(Ref:- Ravichandran's 'Ramachari'). I mean, I know it's the directors and stuff who make them say this. Still, it yees pissing me off!

Arjun Sharma said...
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Arjun Sharma said...

[Malaveeka]Read your writing about CSA. Chilling. CSA is positively the most hateful thing.

Malaveeka said...

yes it is...

K-Man said...

Reading your blog, I was reading your poem,
And most of your comments, I guess you just know 'em..
While most of my stuff is just blunder-full things,
Your writing is the most wonder-full thing...
When you write stuff,
It's teh right stuff,And then I am feeling glad,
I simply rejoice in your Adams-like humour,
And then I don't feel so bad...

Arjun Sharma said...

[Karthik]Ah lovely poem, I say. I am liiihiiiking it!

Mutual admiration society starts when? I will be there for the inauguration.