Friday, October 06, 2006


Funny, both Deccan Herald and the Times of India have the exact same headline in their print editions today:- "Violence rocks Mangalore"


nivedita said...

No. Deccan herald says "Violence wracks Mangalore".

rocks != wracks

Harish said...

[Nivedita] That headline is today's.

Arjun Sharma said...



nivedita said...

Deccan Herald don't have to much vocab then.

Anonymous said...

I thought Deccan just prints what, unfortunately, Times (Pukka tabloid) printed the previous day! BTW, Hello Arjun. :)

Anonymous said...

I always forget certain important things like "Hello Project Manager. The code is done. Go thru it and do whatever it is that u do with codes." and forget to attach the code. I forgot to say, "Hey, this is me, Pavan".. Hmmm. Probably i'd have written this comment anyway to say, "Pavan from KSR tutions, Arvind's class etc.."

Nikhil said...

I miss my dear TOI so much, especially the sight of Rakhi Sawant's bosom every morning.

I can't seem to understand The Hindu's Karat and (Ye)chury policy!

Arjun Sharma said...

[Nivedita]Yes, occasionally, they show it like this.

[Pavan}Paapa, Deccan is slightly better than that!
You forget to tell your boss things like that? He/She must be thrilled on these occasions.

[Nikhil]Yes, Sawant's heaving(you didn't say 'heaving,' did you?) bosom was one of the most striking(shall we say, "stand out"?) features of Bangalore Times for a long time.
Do they still carry those paeans to Karat-Yechury??? Who does that?