Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thu, all mosa!

It's not fair, yaar! I so badly wanted to go to Blogcamp last week. Because of unavoidable reasons, I couldn't. And Nikhil(lucky bastard!) tells me it was great and he had some of the most fun he's ever had(He writes about it here). I'd called him up Sunday night, after the thing ended, and he told me there was a beach party(it's all there in the post I just told you about) and stuff. And there was even a quiz!! Now that is what gets me the most. One of my favourite activities on the earth and I miss it. I will ignore Nikhil's joke about Blogcamp un-happening and say I am deeply envious that he and all those guys there got to participate in a really cool event("They got that whole community thing goin', you know? Far out, man!") and talk and listen to interesting people about interesting things.

And they got t-shirts!

Somebody shoot me for missing out on this one.

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tangled said...


And how does one find out about these things?
Next year, I swear.