Saturday, September 16, 2006

And, while we're in a mushy mood,...

Everyone has one of these. Thought I might put mine up as well.

Ok, all the sentences so far are misleading!

Things that make me feel good or go aww:-

You meet some guy/girl on a vehicle at a junction of roads and he/she makes way for you gladly, without demanding, as people generally do, that you be the one stepping aside.

Your little cousin says, as soon as you go to his house, "You're here?? Yay!!" and jumps into your arms.

You walk out of office, after a particularly tiring day, and a strategic wind blows, enough to lightly ruffle your clothes and hair("O wondrous zephyr, be proud, for thou art greater and more glorious than a thousand perfervid suns!" -- Zebediah Plush).

Milk at 1 AM and the Beatles singing 'While my guitar gently weeps' and 'Michelle.'

People say they'll buzz you as soon as they recharge their cell-phone balance and, when they do, a message arrives on your phone containing "Buzz"

Your mother buys you shirts that are a tad too tight(one brought out my breasts in all their fine glory), but she went out in the afternoon because you kept wearing the same shirts over and over again.

Someone else's girlfriend calls you up at work, midnight, whenever and talks to you for half an hour; and you enjoy it.


The scene in 'Cinema Paradiso' where Salvatore ('ToTo') sees Alfredo's final gift to him; at which you cry despite having watched it a thousand times.

A father and his daughter sitting on a park bench, just sitting, the daughter's head resting on the father's shoulder.

Rani Mukherjee.

The '80s.

Your friends gift you 'Monopoly' for your birthday. Your nineteenth birthday. (OK, this made me laugh heartily with them, not go aww!)

The '70s.

Julie Delpy mimicking Nancy Sinatra in 'Before sunset'

Letters your father and mother exchanged before their marriage, with an almost bookish style("Dear Raghu, how are you? I am fine here....Yours lovingly/affectionately, Vandana).

Your grandfather's stories of the days of the Raj("In 19.....52, I remember, I was senior lecturer at Maharaja's college. Then, Banumaiah was the principal of his college. He, I and R K Laxman were classmates in Intermediate. You know, what you call PUC now. Laxman was a fine artist, even in college. He used to draw caricatures of all our lecturers and show them to us. Brilliant drawings and an amazing sense of humour. Good days, those were good days!")

Your grandmother's stories of the days of the Raj("Mali was a great friend of Shivaramaiah. He was supposed to play at Shivaramaiah's daughter's wedding. But Mali, the great T R Mahalingam, got drunk and didn't attend at all! Shivaramaiah was very embarassed. The very next day, however, Mali came to our house itself! He was profusely apologetic! He was sober, humble and sat and played the flute for one and a half hours. Such beautiful music, I have never heard in my life! The whole street gathered in front of our house. Later, he had lunch also. I had cooked majjige huli and he learnt from me how to pronounced it! Nice, these things.")

The sun not totally up at 7 AM and a light morning chill, tinged with warmth, prevails.

Farooq Sheikh picking up Deepti Naval on a Rajdoot(I've said this before).

Starting a good book.

The first paragraph of 'Lolita'

Finishing a good book.

The Tramp and The kid getting back together in Chaplin's movie.



Malaveeka said...

Furst of all, thanks for the previous link.

It was.. Well. I was.

Second. I like almost all of the same things. Except Rani M. and the strategic wind that did my skirt in.

*shakes fist*

About the letters...

My parents' were crazy. They had illustrations( read: Drawing) of the my dad's first performed surgery. You know, how the bypass grafting thing happened.

The illustrations were even numbered with carefully written notes under them!

But(And?) he really did (does) love my mother.

And the first paragraph of Lolita.. Fan-tas-tic!

I now have an insane urge to put a post up.

Damn, but I know I shouldn't.

Arjun Sharma said...

About the previous link, what? I didn't get you. You were too moved or something? It was very nice, wasn't it?

Why don't you like Rani Mukherjee??? What did she ever do to you??? What wrong has she ever done? Except look angelic, transcendental, ethereal, luminous, radiant...

Er, what did the wind do?

Oh God, your dad drew pictures of bypass grafting and sent them in his letters? Is this a 'Chupke chupke' Amitabh-Jaya kind of love story, something that developed over anatomy sessions? Your mom didn't say "Eww, dude, gross!!"? Girls today are a lot less patient. Your dad's lucky!

"But(And?) he really did (does) love my mother."
He he, channagide.

And as for 'Lolita,' Lord praise Nabokov, the jerk's written such an amazing book! And the first paragraph, as you said, is too overwhelming. You can feel right away the love this pervert feels for the girl. And you kind of feel sorry for him too. And the writing is so brilliant(atleast until he loses her in the middle of the book) that you kiiiind of side with Humbert and he has to remind you that his love is nothing short of a perverse crime. What a book; O what a book!

Yeah, once you see this kind of list, you feel this need to put up your own. I don't see any wrong in that. In fact, I did this while in mind of the one on your collective blog. I mean, forget about the good sex-bad sex part("Hah, you're not even close!" I can hear dissidents say); the principle was there.

Malaveeka said...

The good sex , bad sex one was by Su.

And yeah, I really did feel for HH. Damn...

The other letters of my parents were too mushy for words.

Ew, dude, gross!!

Rani M. look angelic? I thought she looked rather constipated in KANK. Which is explained by the constant lachrymal dehydration.

Arjun Sharma said...

"Furst of all, thanks for the previous link.

It was.. Well. I was."

Idara artha enu?

Arjun Sharma said...

Pushing it, you are, talking about Rani that way. How would you feel if I came along and said things about....well, about....who do you like?

Anyway, you're wrong, you're all wrong! There is a God and I have seen Her and She was in that film and looking divine!

Malaveeka said...


Malaveeka said...

I like Anthony Bourdain.

And Arshad Warsi.


Plot your little revenge.

Arjun Sharma said...

Arshad warsi is ok. Anthony Bourdain....the man voluntarily ate sheep testicles.

arjun sharma said...

rani mukherjee was "pleasantly plump in the thigh area".


- nivedita

Malaveeka said...


Atleast he had the balls to do that.


Arjun Sharma said...

Yeah, atleast I had..have, have the balls to do that(thanks, Lawyer). And I said that in a good way. What's up, Kashyap?

Malaveeka said...

'pleasently plump'?

what is she a pheasant?

Arjun Sharma said...

You rhyme royally(face..straight at last check).

No, she is not a pheasant. She is a graceful swan, ever surrounded by a swirling mist of beauty. Just see the Titan Raaga ad.

Malaveeka said...

OK. I concede the Ad. She looks fab.

But kank?

Come on...

Harish said...

This 'discussion' is going nowhere.
-Harish Kumar N

Arjun Sharma said...

[Harish]Eh, sumniro le!

[Malaveeka]OK, maybe she wasn't at her best in 'KANK'(sounds like a sticky insect secretion or a rude verb). But when she wasn't crying her eyes out(which, I'll grant you, was roughly the whole of the stupid movie), she looked good. Oh all right, I'm crazy.

the Monk said...

Nice one, kano (I presume, I presume).


Arjun Sharma said...

Houdu, 'kano' is right. Of course.

Malaveeka said...

you mean she wasn's crying her eye out.

what was with that?

Malaveeka said...

kank actually sounds like a rude noun.


Arjun Sharma said...

OK, I love Rani Mukherji and think she looks great, whatever the situation/movie. There, you happy?

He he, "KANK" does sound like a rude noun, now that you mention it!

tharunya said...

Julie Delpy mimicking Nancy Sinatra in 'Before sunset'

Oh, definitely, but After Sunset, surely, love?

Hmmm. I seem to be interrupting :)
But also must say:
a. Your family I want
b. These three are delightful:
Starting a good book.
The first paragraph of 'Lolita'
Finishing a good book.

all done :)

Arjun Sharma said...

One would think so. But Richard Linklater, crazy bugger, called it "Before sunset." What can I do, pray tell? :)

But she does that amazingly well, right? Man!!

(We interrupt this program to ignore the snide insinuation -- what insinuations are not snide?? -- made viz., "Hmmm. I seem to be interrupting :)" )

My family? Take it!! They're not too favourably disposed towards me right now, what with me acting too much nowadays. I think they'd be glad to be rid of me for a while!

Ah, you've read 'Lolita'! Good, you have read it, she has also read it. Many people have read it. The world is becoming a better place.

tharunya said...

Before Sunset.
And I raved about it, even.
My shame is a boiling thing.

Arjun Sharma said...

If you've already watched it, watch it again. I'm loving it!