Friday, July 14, 2006

Working men

‘Work’ began officially this Tuesday(11th July). After a week of amazing and humiliating training(humiliating because our incredible lack of ‘C’ programming and problem-solving abilities was shown up), I ‘made my presence felt’ here. Good folk here, in team D54(into which proletarians from D52 will soon flow, thanks to unexpected resignations somewhere). And, as seemed to be the norm here(atleast regarding me), I didn’t immediately get a machine to stare at. My friend, JK, did and promptly settled down to his job – that of staring furiously at his monitor until it quailed beneath his incendiary gaze.

I am reading documents about network management applications and the SS7 architecture. In my bag lie Joseph Heller's 'Closing time' and 'Commando' comics. O would that men could do as they wished!

11th July was a bad day for one more reason. And when no reports of those-who-would-no-longer-walk were coming in, Rajdeep grew impatient.

"Have they found any dead bodies?" he kept firing at his reporters on-field, as they dodged mud, rain, the teeming multitudes and the damaged trains to report "as-is."

Another ad on CNN-IBN yesterday. "You saw it here first. The Mumbai blasts."

Agreed this is breaking and important news. But this is excessive. They're not advertising a premiere of 'Star wars,' are they? Near-200 people have died here. It isn't important where people saw them dead first.

Here are echoed some of my thoughts about terrorism and what an appropriate response to these and similar attacks(of yore) should be. I don’t want to repeat what everyone’s been saying. Many thanks to Harish for that one.

And, albeit horribly late, now for the Azzuri! Champions of the world! Vanquishers of those French finocchios! The perennial dark-horses were, true to their form, underdogs before this tournament too. And although they did not display magic of any sort(except for the exceptional defense of captain Fabio Cannavaro), they were determined and efficient. Like a German war-machine. They passed around well(having no players of the exceptional talent of Zidane, Henry, Ronaldinho, Messi or the Ronaldos, Brazilian and Portuguese. Totti and del Piero were good; but they are now not as good as these others). They defended exceptionally well(Cannavaro was a wall!). And they made no pretense that they were ‘flamboyantly invincible’ or anything. I thought the Argentines and Brazilians sometimes made this mistake – they thought they would somehow make it through to the finals and win, since they had so much talent and flair on their side. OK, you can’t really fault Argentine. They lost on penalties and commenting on their talents despite knowing this would just be mean. But the Brazilians were lazy, insipid and uninspiring.

No matter. The Azzuri won. And the debates about Zidane’s actions in the final will rage on. A great player’s career permanently blackmarked by this one act of madness, for the Italians. A hero who could not but lose his cool in face of extreme provocation and exact revenge, for the French. He had had a good game until then. It was stupid of him to walk head-first into Materazzi. It isn’t as though this was the first ever verbal assault he’d faced. Maybe the occasion got to him. However, if he could be given a red card based on TV evidence and linesman accounts, Figo should have been red-carded too, for his head-butt of some Dutch player(was it Bronckhorst?). Maybe the Dutch didn’t protest hard enough. Maybe Buffon doesn’t do freelance.

Nonetheless, Zizou was an amazing player. His swansong became a cacophony towards the finale, that’s all.

Here, you can find videos of the great games of all time. Do watch the ‘game of the century,’ the 1970 semi-final between Italy and West Germany(FRG). And the next greatest game, the 1982 semi-final between France and (again!)West Germany(FRG).

Some good housekeeping tips from Siemens; also called ‘infrastracture awareness’:-
“Avoid keeping wet or oily hands on the wall”

And a piece of wisdom from iMDB:-
"Psychosis is treatable, being a permanent bitch is not."

Arrivederci, i miei amici


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