Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Da Siemens code

Today is my tenth ('official working')day with SCS(Siemens Communications Software). I am reading an FA Spec. Look it up, if you don't know what that means. If you don't know what that means....

That'll be happening a lot to me hereon. I was in a department meeting yesterday. My first, I was informed. This made me feel special. That feeling didn't remain for long and gave way to a growing feeling of alarming stupidity. The meeting began normally, with everyone speaking in English. Soon, however, they relapsed into cryptic parlance. Here's a sample:-

"That CR should reach B160 by the 21st. If it does, we will go for PMM after that."

"Isn't the CR supposed to be resolved by now?" "No no, it's not a CR anymore. It's become an FR!" (general laughter, after this).

"That project should reach pre-analysis by 10. We'll begin design by 1 7."

This, though seemingly extremely understandable to everyone else, seemed to me akin to a rare offshoot of the ancient tongue of the peoples of Atlantis. Not accustomed to hearing people use sentences in which single alphabets, digits and acronyms outnumbered legitimate English words, I felt myself slowly sinking into a cesspool of dullness. And sure enough, some time later, there came the sleep. My eyelids started drooping, when my mentor's eye caught mine. Sobered by her catching me redhanded(or red-eyed, in this case), I straightened myself up and sat through the thing bravely.

In case you want to understand what some of that meant, here you go:-
CR -> Change Request, FR -> Fault Report, B160 -> some kind of performance standard/rating, PMM -> I don't know yet, 10 -> October, 1 7 -> January of 2007.

Yes, you need to get used to the weird tradition of referring to months by their numbers and not their names.

Some good news for Sandeep. Your 12th class tuition crush, who is in our company, is as good-looking as you made her out to be. She was also supposed to be in a throwball team in which my name was included, my assent/dissent having been precluded. But alas, logistics, or whatever(maybe me), made her stay away!

And Mumbaikars continue to astonish me and re-instill my faith in humanity. That city continues to fascinate me for its spirit and attitude. This is one of the few reasons:- Mumbai stands still to pay homage

Merely symbolic, you may say. But a touching gesture, nevertheless. I too want to say "Mee Mumbaikar."

Of course, you also have an ugly side to every such story:- Eaters of the dead

You may drink fine tea, but you will still have the dregs at the bottom of the cup.

And, as usual, here's some useless information:- Windows codenames

I'm trying to watch Amores Perros(also here), but somehow, I'm able to watch it only for fifteen minutes a day. At this rate, it'll take nearly ten days for me to watch one film. O glorious were the days when I watched five films in one day!

'Amores perros' is supposed to mean "Love's a bitch."


Harish said...

The "crpytic parlance" is very similar to "Newspeak", isnt it?

By the way, although the silence observed by Mumbaikars was a great gesture, it was nothing more than that. That it would have given any sort of message to any terrorist, as proclaimed by our media, is simply ridiculous. enantira?

Arjun Sharma said...
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Arjun Sharma said...

You don't observe silence to 'send strong messages' to terrorists. What can we hope to achieve with these 'messages?' Terrorists will surely not think "Oh we cannot break the spirit and resolve of these people! Let us not bomb them anymore." It makes no difference to them.

It is a symbolic gesture, a homage to the dead. Surely, when someone dies naturally, we do not observe silence to ‘send a message’ to God, do we? It is a respectful tribute. If the media claim it will send out a resounding message to the terrorists, they are grossly mistaken. If that could have been done, we would have sent out so many messages, terrorists would have reported us as spam, if you’ll pardon the terrible humour.

Then again, I don’t think Prannoy, Rajdeep and their ilk go to too much effort to understand what’s really happening behind every story. IBN’s blatant claim that they were the first to telecast images of the blasts’ effects and TIMES-NOW saying they were the channel to watch, for events related to the blasts ‘were all happening there’ left a sour taste in the mouth(I made passing reference to this. had a good, detailed analysis of this).

Screw it. I thought it was a nice gesture.

Anonymous said...

He he.... Nice one. Should have been 'cow' though.