Monday, April 03, 2006

The title

"middleclass brahmin"

This is a name chosen more due to a desperate lack of names(arjun, sharma, arjunsharma, arjun.sharma, the humble 'supersharma' , the ever-popular 'psychosharma' ....all taken) rather than an affiliation to any particular library. I consulted three people before choosing this name. They agreed this was fine, but might just reflect badly upon my orientation. I am prepared to make that sacrifice. Atleast, I am not named this.Also, I think even those haven't seen me will agree I look a tad better than that.

See? I can use HTML tags! Don't mess with me!


Finch, Scout said...

poor luck.

are you going to spout more cheese?

Anonymous said...

middleclass boy/person/man/no-one-in-particular
all of them taken? Why brahmin? You dissapoint me Arjun Sharma. *Cry*

N (Like V)

Arjun Sharma said...

Finch, a high-and-mighty Atticus here. I am not going to spout more cheese.

What's wrong with the name "middle class brahmin" that makes you cry? Don't look at it from a casteist point-of-view. If you want, I'll write a long and painful essay debunking the whole caste system and its irrelevance today. Look at the humour in it. middleclassbrahmin....doesn't it sound funny? Come on, I know you think it does.

aravinda said...

hey arjun.. supper agidhe title... anthu blog create madbittri..
ella blogs oddhe.. supper..