Wednesday, April 12, 2006

An icon passes away...

Something odd happened today. When I heard of Dr Rajkumar's death, it made me sadder than I had felt at some of my relatives' deaths. Yes, I did feel sad at their deaths too, but somehow this was more saddening. Somehow, there are some people you don't think of as doing things like dying, falling sick, criminal activities etc. I mean, you would honestly never think of Dr Rajkumar doing things like dying suddenly and all that, would you? He was something of a permanent fixture in Karnataka, wasn't he? News about him was ubiquitous. Not such news. This is bad.

CNN-IBN ran a half-hour program paying tribute to the legend. Very nice. ETV-Kannada hasn't stopped since this afternoon. They're playing these clips from old films of the great man. "Bedara kannappa," "Kasturi nivasa," "Bangarada manushya," "Jeevana chaitra" etc. Moving, very moving.

I don't think mere words can do justice to the great oeuvre of his. However, if you feel you need a succinct summary of his life and times and career, go here.

When they showed those images of him being brought back from M S Ramaiah hospital to his home, somehow, to wax melodramatic, he looked more real than those around him. And reminded me strongly of Marlon Brando in the Godfather's death scene.

Dr Rajkumar. Good man.

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Finch, Scout said...

i know whatchu mean about the most original person thing.

i don't know the man, so no comment.