Saturday, April 08, 2006


It is 1 AM and I am going to have a bath now. I feel sensual right now. I am going to rub sacred oils all over my body("My body is my tool") and...yes, well, you can see why I am 'unhooked' yet.

You know what would make a good answer for most questions? OK, I'll tell you. Check this creepy nonsense out:-

Interviewer:- "So, what are your expectations of our company?"
You:- "I refuse to sell my body!!"

School teacher:- "When his father asked him whether he had cut the cherry tree, what did George Washington say?"
You:- "I refuse to sell my body!!"
(A little thinking may be required to 'get' the joke here. I am smug, I am smutty and smug.)

Interviewer:- "So, what salary do you expect?"
You:- "I refuse to sell my body!!"

Father/Mother:- "Dinner's ready."
You:- "I refuse to sell my body."

Huh? Huh? Creepy, right?

It'll be great fun if you answer all the questions in a job interview with "I refuse to sell my body!!"

Another answer to all those questions could have been, "My body is my tool."

I KNOW!! (Monica-style).


Anonymous said...

Sacred oils rub maadakke help beka, Arjun?


Shantanu said...

Man, arjun, the earlier post makes me feel like i dont wanna meet this arvind guy. Ever. Bloah!

Finch, Scout said...

annual bath?
clogged drains?

did the waterflow meander because of that much grime?


Arjun Sharma said...
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Arjun Sharma said...

Arvind, thanks, maga!!

Shantanu, I tried to get busty women to rub sacred oils on me. No go. I'm sorry. I had to settle for whoever would rub them on me. You see what a true friend Arvind is?

Finch, yes, annual bath. The petition came home yesterday. And low-lying areas of the city experienced a mild dorught for a period of time coincidentally equal to the duration of my bath.

Arjun Sharma said...

That's 'drought,' not 'dorught.'

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Arjun. True friend antella kardya. Thanks ma'a. If only, your friend, Shantanu (I emphasize, YOUR friend), knew me, he'd be begging me to rub sacred oils too.


Veda said...